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Kylie Jenner Wore 'Weird Necklace' That Predicted Newborn's Birth

Kylie Jenner Wore 'Weird Necklace' That Predicted Newborn's Birth

Mum Kris Jenner spoke to Ellen DeGeneres about baby Wolf.

Kris Jenner has recalled how daughter Kylie Jenner was wearing a necklace during the birth of her son, that had a 'weird' connection to his birthday.

Speaking to Ellen DeGeneres, Kris explained how her 11th grandchild, Wolf Webster, was born on 2nd February 2022, or 2/2/22, which is also known as an 'angel number'.

Angel numbers are recurring sequences of numbers (for example, 2, 2, 2, 2) that are said to appear in our lives to convey messages or spiritual meaning.

You can watch the clip below:

Speaking about Wolf's birth, Kris said: "When he came out it was like Stormi being born all over again.

"... [Kylie] got the best birthday, 2/2/22, that's an angel number.

"It's always been Kylie's angel number."

When Kylie first announced the birth of her second child, fans were convinced that Kris had given away the little one's name.

The youngest of the Kardashian clan announced she had given birth by posting an adorable photo of her son's little hand.

Wolf was born on 2/2/22 (

Fans and famous friends rushed to the Instagram comments to congratulate Kylie on the newest addition to her family.

But eagle-eyed followers are zoning in on Kris Jenner's comment, and were certain it was a clue to Kylie and Travis' baby name.

Reacting to Kylie's surprise Insta post, the mom-ager commented: "Angel Pie" which led fans to believe the little one could have been called Angel.

But days later, Kylie announced to the world that her baby boy is called Wolf Webster. The little one also shares a very similar birthday to his older sister Stormi, who was born just one day before, on 1st February.

Kris spoke to Ellen about her eleventh grandchild (
Ellen DeGeneres)

Kylie confirmed she was expecting back in September with a sweet video shared on social media.

The 90-second clip also saw Kylie tell Kardashian matriarch Kris Jenner the happy news, in which Kris responded: “Wait a second...are you pregnant? Stormi, we're gonna have a baby! This is one of the happiest days of my life!”

Featured Image Credit: Ellen DeGeneres

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