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Bizarre moment Katy Perry’s eye appears paralysed during concert

Bizarre moment Katy Perry’s eye appears paralysed during concert

Katy Perry looked like she couldn't open her eye on stage and fans were left puzzled at the 'bizarre' moment.

Fans of Katy Perry are struggling to understand a bizarre moment where the singer appeared unable to open her eye while on stage.

Standing on stage in front of a cheering crowd, Katy Perry had one eye closed and seemed to be struggling with her right eyelid as she performed as part of her residency in Las Vegas.

At one point, it looked like she reached up to try and sort out the problem, but just as soon as she'd got the eyelid open it snapped shut again, though after a bit more effort she was able to coax her right eye open again.

A number of fans have been voicing their concern at her predicament while others seemed less concerned, joking that it was a sign of the singer 'glitching'.

Katy Perry tried to solve the eyelid trouble by tapping her temple.

Someone suggested this might have happened because of 'eyelash glue getting stuck to her bottom lid', while someone else agreed it was probably her 'stage makeup'.

They even suggested a reason why Perry seemed to tap the side of her face to fix the problem, saying she was 'gently pulling her temple area' to dislodge something without spoiling her makeup.

That sounds like a slightly more plausible reason than any outlandish claims about Katy Perry secretly being a malfunctioning robot or something.

Others have suggested Perry's eye is a result of her taking a Covid vaccine, claiming the singer had 'that Pfizer eye' and the 'eye of the Pfizer'.

This comes after Justin Bieber was recently forced to cancel his latest tour dates due to being diagnosed with Ramsay Hunt Syndrome - which has paralysed the left side of his face. Coincidentally, Bieber's wife Hailey Baldwin suffered 'stroke-like symptoms' due to a blood clot in her brain at around the same time.

That seemed to do the trick eventually.

Katy Perry has previously talked about having a 'wonk eye', as she puts it, and it is the right one.

On last year's American Idol she talked to a contestant who was worried about his lazy eye and told him she 'used to be worried about it' before some of her most devoted fans 'created a fandom' about it.

She followed that up by telling 16-year-old Caleb Kennedy he should 'just celebrate all that stuff' because one day fans could be launching fandoms dedicated to his lazy eye.

While some people are concerned with Katy Perry's eye and the reasons for it seemingly malfunctioning, no conclusions can be drawn the present time.

Tyla have contacted Katy Perry's reps for comment.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@katyperrytv

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