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Katy Perry 'Needs Therapy' After American Idol Contestant's Performance

Katy Perry 'Needs Therapy' After American Idol Contestant's Performance


Singer Katy Perry has had a hilarious reaction one American Idol contestant's performance.

Check out the video here:

The TV competition contestants took park in a 'Judges’ Song Contest' where each of the singers would choose to perform one song out of three pre-selected options. The three options had been chosen by the three judges.

After performing their number, the contestant then guesses which of the judges selected their pick.

Contestant Noah Thompson picked the 2009 John Mayer hit 'Heartbreak Warfare' for his performance.

Submitting his guess as to which judge had selected the song, Noah suggested Katy Perry.

The American Idol judges (

"I picked Katy" he said, "but honestly, I don’t know. I picked Katy. That was my guess."

It would seem that Noah had been blissfully unaware that the two singers had previously dated one another, and even released a song together.

Katy responded hilariously to this awkward faux pas saying: "Noah … I feel like maybe you should Wikipedia me."

“That’s a big no then?” Noah responded, to which the 'I Kissed A Girl' singer joked that she was "triggered!"

She then proceeded to slide out of her chair onto the floor in mock embarrassment. “It’s a great song, you did great, but I can’t talk anymore," she added.

The two singers had an on-again, off-again relationship from 2012 to 2015 when the broke up for good (

“Who is going to pay for my extra hour of therapy?” The 'Roar' singer joked as it was revealed that the song was selected by co-judge and country singer Luke Ryan.

Fans were quick to respond to the hilarity, with one posting to Twitter: "My mouth is still wide open and draggin' the floor...poor Katy...poor Noah!"

Another wrote: "I wish literally any person I knew ever watched American Idol to appreciate the complex pop culture giggle that just happened when one of the contestants thought that Katy Perry of all people chose a John Mayer song for him to sing."

Katy is currently engaged to actor Orlando Bloom, with whom she shares one child (

Katy Perry is now engaged to actor Orlando Bloom, with whom she shares one child, a daughter named Daisy Dove.

John Mayer's current relationship status is unknown, but he has been linked to a number of female celebrities over the years, including Jennifer Aniston, Taylor Swift, and Jessica Simpson.

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