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Diversity star Jordan Banjo has had a 'scary few days' after his newborn son was rushed A&E with suspected meningitis.

Jordan and his wife Naomi made the announcement of welcoming their third child - Atreus - to the world on April 23.

However, after not even a couple months later, they found themselves rushing Atreus to hospital.

Posting a video of her holding Atreus in hospital who was attached to several wires - Naomi said: "Ahh gosh, where do we start… in case you’re wondering where we’ve been, last week I took Atreus to A&E after feeling like something wasn’t right and he was immediately admitted with sepsis and suspected meningitis.

The parents said they'd had 'one of the most traumatic weeks' of their lives.

“It’s been the most emotionally draining, frightening week of our lives. We’ve cried a lot, we’ve barely slept, and we’ve discussed the worst... but we’ve carried each other through possibly one of the most traumatic weeks of our lives...

"You never think it would be your baby and honestly I can’t explain how awful it is having to leave your poorly baby behind in a hospital and go home and just be ‘mummy’ to your other children when inside your heart is breaking.

"We are so lucky we are able to alternate nights with Tre and the kids so we can share ourselves between all 3 kids and keep some normality for the bigger 2.

"It’s been tough but we’ve done our best for our babies. All we need now is our family back together where we belong.”

Little Atreus was born in April.

Also providing an update earlier today (7 June) was father Jordan, who is the younger brother of fellow Diversity member, Ashley, 34.

"Been a scary few days, but Atreus is a little trooper," he wrote on Instagram, alongside a photo of him holding his baby on a hospital bed.

"Glad to be back on positive ground after all that, seeing your baby hooked up to all sorts of cables and machines.

"Hearing words like sepsis and meningitis is never going to be easy but want to say a huge thank you to The Neptune Ward at Southend Hospital who were so incredible with us, you’re the best."

"Been a scary few days, but Atreus is a little trooper."

Worried mum Naomi previously shared a list of symptoms that Atreus had:

• "I initially took him in because I noticed he had started to refuse to feed in the night and I was worried about dehydration

• "He was very lethargic and glossy eyed and just not his self

• "His temp was high too

"He was grunting with every breath

• "Rapid breathing

• "His skin was mottled

• "He had a rash which spread the longer we were in hospital

"He was very sleepy

• "High pitch cries even when sleeping

• "Cried in pain when I picked him up or touched him

• "Cold hands and feet."

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@jordanbanjo

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