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Jessie J praised for showing post-pregnant 'realness' in self-love video six weeks after giving birth

Jessie J praised for showing post-pregnant 'realness' in self-love video six weeks after giving birth

Jessie J is keeping it real in a new self-love video of her just six weeks postpartum

Jessie J has been praised for showing post-pregnant 'realness' in a new self-love video taken just six week after giving birth.

Last month the 35-year-old singer announced the birth of her son.

Jessie J has previously opened up about spending ‘nine months prepping for a natural birth’ before being told to ‘have a planned C-section for the safest birth’.

Currently in a relationship with professional basketball player Chanan Safir Colman, the pop star has been giving fans an insight to their adorable first weeks with their newborn.

Alongside sweet snaps of her little boy, she revealed his name as Sky Safir Cornish Colman.

But it’s not all just been baby content, the ‘Price Tag’ hit-maker has also shared a new Instagram video of her having a little bit of self-love time in the bathroom.

Jessie J's adorable son Sky Safir Cornish Colman.

Jessie J kept it real as she danced away in a black bra top and underwear while doing some skincare.

Playing Chaka Khan’s hit song ‘Ain’t Nobody’, she shared ‘a little 6 weeks post-partum self-love’.

She truly danced like nobody was watching as she slicked back her hair and washed her face, not afraid to laugh at herself.

Despite whipping out some sexy and humorous moves, she still proved that she’s a true skincare queen as she applied various products to her face.

Jessie J also gave her postpartum stomach some love with ‘bump butter’, which she rubbed in along to the music.

Keeping it even more real, the new mum also showed off her nipple protectors that gave her little bumps under her bra.

Jessie J took to Instagram to show some self-love.

After spraying some perfume and applying a coat of mascara, she laughed as she sucked in and tried to fasten up a corset around her waist.

Fans have praised the star for keeping things natural, with one writing: “Love this lmao embrace the new body and love you self.”

Others were understandably envious of her gorgeously glowing skin as another said: “Drop the skin care routine sis.”

While a third added: “I love you for this! A pure raw representation of a woman's body after having a baby! You are a such a beauty.”

Another fan praised: “Glowing! Mamahood looks good on you.”

A final penned: “Amazing! *saves video as a reminder, for when my time comes to be a momma*.”

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@jessiej

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