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Viewers criticise age gap between Jennifer Lawrence and co-star in new x-rated comedy

Viewers criticise age gap between Jennifer Lawrence and co-star in new x-rated comedy

Fans took to Twitter to air their concerns over the big age gap between Lawerence and her co-star in No Hard Feelings.

Fans have been left feeling a bit 'weird' about the age gap in Jennifer Lawrence's upcoming x-rated comedy.

The 32-year-old appears in the film, No Hard Feelings, which has a rather, um, questionable plot.

You can watch the trailer here:

Lawrence plays Maddie, a young woman struggling for work and who is in desperate need of cash to save her childhood home.

Although she sells herself as an Uber driver without a car, Maddie is basically unemployed until she responds to an ad from two parents desperate for someone to ‘date’ their son.

Despite the undeniable awkwardness of the situation, it is Maddie's one chance to turn her life around, so she begins ‘seeing’ the introverted 19-year-old Percy, with the goal of making him a ‘man’ before he leaves for college.

While the synopsis and accompanying trailer are pretty cringy, it’s made even worse by the fact that Percy is played by 20-year-old actor, Andrew Barth Feldman.

The 20-year-old actor will also star in the X-rated comedy.
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And their 12-year age gap has sparked an intense debate among fans on social media.

In a lengthy tweet, one fan angrily wrote: “First, I adore Jennifer Lawrence, so don’t start. But a thirty-two-year-old woman getting compensated to ‘date’ and ‘date hard’ an eighteen year old boy? All with the okay of mom and dad. I wonder if it’d be just as “funny” if it was a 32 year old man and an 18 year old girl.”

Others also agreed and took to the platform to air their concerns over the film, with some adding there would have been 'a boycott' if the roles were switched.

Another fan added: “I was lowkey thinking bc honestly if the genders were swapped there would be a boycott lmaoo but it still looks cute.”

And someone else also said that it would be 'weird' if a 19-year-old girl's parents 'paid some 30-year-old man to date her'.

Many have questioned why the Oscar winner took the role.

Another agreed that the plot was 'questionable' but asked 'how old' was Jennifer's character in the film as 'it's not unusual for actors to play much younger characters'.

They added: "If she's 25 and he's 19 it's still questionable (the way the whole premise of the movie is questionable) but a lot less so.”

However, many fans were left wondering why Lawrence has taken on the teen comedy in the first place – especially as she is an Oscar-winning actor.

However, some were excited to see the Hunger Games star in a less serious role after appearing in films like Silver Lining Playbook and Mother!.

One Twitter user even wrote about their excitement for the movie, saying: “Jennifer Lawrence going from her acclaimed understated indie film (Causeway) to a raunchy R-rated comedy movie (No Hard Feelings) seems like such an inspired//fun career move… and producing both (!!)”

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