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Jacqueline Wilson Fans Defend Author Over ‘Disturbing’ Accusations

Jacqueline Wilson Fans Defend Author Over ‘Disturbing’ Accusations

Readers of Wilson's books have taken to Twitter to thank the author for not shying away from difficult topics...

Jacqueline Wilson fans have defended the author on social media over accusations her books were “disturbing” for young readers.

Over on TikTok, the author, who has sold a staggering 40 million books, has come under fire for the harrowing storylines in her novels such as Dustbin Baby, Vicky Angel and Lola Rosa.

Yet, several fans of the author’s have defended her books on Twitter, insisting that Wilson wrote stories about the realities children face in their daily lives and made them feel they "weren’t alone".

Lola Rose and Vicky Angel both have some upsetting moments (
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Sharing a heartfelt thread on the topic, one Twitter user penned: “I will defend Jacqueline Wilson with my life. I’m glad she wrote children’s book the included grief, trauma and other difficult topics because children are facing reality without books. Her books had healing in them too.

“She wrote beautiful stories and honestly it so much as a child. She made us feel like we weren’t alone and that life is beautiful and tragic. Preteens don’t care about no princess and a frog we needed Tracey Beaker and Girls in Love.

“We needed a Lola Rose. We needed books that comforted us. Reading her books in the summer was one of my favourite memories because you even forgot that your family are going through things and facing homelessness…

“This thread for the person on TikTok who called her work disturbing and mid”.

Tracy Beaker is one of Jacqueline's most recognised works (

Another fan responded to the thread in agreement and explained that Wilson’s books made her “feel seen”.

“Yup!” they commented. “In a sea of books that avoided about talking real life, JW made sure that children felt not as alone, she made us feel seen and she didn’t belittle us and avoid the topics, she tried to show what life is really like.

“And I am forever indebted to @FansofJWilson”.

A fan took to Twitter to defend Wilson (

A third went on to thank Wilson for covering topics that other children’s authors considered were “too dark”.

The fan wrote: “They were so so relatable, and I will always appreciate her covering topics that others thought 'too much' or 'too dark' for kids when in fact they are experiences kids are having”.

“Reading her books was so comforting. I wish she wrote books for us young adults muddling through our 20s,” another added.

A fan remarked: “As a child of divorce, Candyfloss literally connected with me on a level no teacher or family member could and I will always be grateful for that”. 

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