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People Are Branding Pitbull's International Women's Day Post 'Insulting'

People Are Branding Pitbull's International Women's Day Post 'Insulting'

Pitbull’s post did not go down particularly well.

International Women’s Day saw a number of celebrities post their support for their female friends and loved ones, celebrating a range of their triumphs and successes.

And then, Pitbull got involved.

The singer, 41, decided to share his support for women across the globe (he is Mr Worldwide, after all) by posting a picture of himself surrounded by his dance troupe The Most Bad Ones, to his 25 million Twitter followers.

“Happy International Women's Day to all of the women around the world!” he wrote.

However, fans were quick to notice Pitbull, real name Armando Christian Pérez, appeared to have rested his hand on the neck of the woman in the bottom half of the photo.

“I see everyone dissecting the hell out of this post but not a single post about the neck grip,” one person said, zooming in on that part of the photo.

Fans spotted Pitbull's hand placement (

“First thing I noticed, guess he prefers redheads lol,” said another.

“Why the hand on the back of the neck?” a third queried.

“This is so wrong and ridiculous,” said a fourth.

Others took issue with the photo - of which he was front and centre - and messaging more generally.

Other fans questioned the photo (

“This day is precisely to commemorate the struggles of the women around the world so that one day we can never see this insulting kind of pictures anymore,” one person complained.

“Thank you for being a feminist ally Pitbull,” a second person wrote, possibly sarcastically.

“Thank you for your tireless contributions to equality, Mr Worldwide,” a third sarky commentator chipped in.

“This post singlehandedly ended the pay gap,” sniped a fourth.

The photo received a sarky response (

And a fifth, thoughtful observer wrote: “I see this post is attracting some mockery and derision and I think it ultimately boils down to Pitbull being in the photo, front and center. If the post is intended as an homage to women, better to have left the male out the photo.”

Tyla has contacted Pitbull’s reps for comment.

Featured Image Credit: Twitter/Instagram

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