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Holly Willoughby falls backwards down stairs on Celebrity Juice

Holly Willoughby falls backwards down stairs on Celebrity Juice

Celebrity Juice is ending after 14 years

Tonight will see the final episode of Celebrity Juice. I know, it's devastating.

And while it promises to be an emotional one, it will also prove to be pretty dramatic as well, as Holly Willoughby absolutely stacked it down the stairs during filming.

At one point during the finale, Joe Swash runs into the crowd and take a piece of card from one of the audience members.

He then passes it to Fearne Cotton, who turns and legs it down the stairs, however, as she heads down, the podcast host is met by Willoughby, who tries to tear the item from her hand.

In a clip that's been shared online, the 41-year-old stumbles and loses her balance, falling backwards down the stars and onto the ground.

As the audience screams, the camera then cuts to Emily Atack and Will Mellor, who look concerned watching on.

Holly stacked it during filming for the final episode of Celebrity Juice.

Starting way back in 2008, the show first featured Cotton and Willoughby as team captains, with Keith Lemon, whose real name is Leigh Francis, hosting.

For those who don't know, the basic premise of the show is that Lemon puts presenters and celeb guests through a series of bizarre games and challenges while discussing the latest news stories.

When Cotton decided to leave after ten years on the show, she was replaced by Paddy McGuinness and later Mel B.

Willoughby then left a couple of years later, with The Inbetweeners star Atack and former Love Island host Laura Whitmore becoming the team captains.

News of the series' cancellation was posted on Twitter by Lemon, who wrote: "After 14 years, 26 series, 300 eps @CelebJuice is concluding later this year.

"It was the longest most fun party! I had a wonderful time. Big love."

Keith Lemon has hosted Celebrity Juice since 2008.

And though Lemon says the finale is a great episode, filled with lots of laughs, he admitted recently that it was pretty hard to say goodbye.

He said: "It’s a lot of fun and I got a bit emotional at the end.

"I don’t think that bit is in. I was in like some kind of emotional bubble. It was a bit like a dream, but I was trying to cherish the day.

"I came off stage and just hugged my wife and teared up. It’s making me tear up now just thinking about it. It was a great ending and we just played all the classic games.

"And of course, there was a T-Rex there! Gotta have a T-Rex on ya last show haven’t you? And do ya know what I thought I’d be cool about it.

"It ran for a long time and came to its natural end. I’d love to do the odd special or some kind of live thing that’s in a similar vein to Juice. It was so fun. But who knows?"

Celebrity Juice: The Happy Ending will air on ITV 2 tonight (8 December) at 10pm.

Featured Image Credit: ITV

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