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The Inbetweeners stars Hannah Tointon and Joe Thomas welcome baby girl

The Inbetweeners stars Hannah Tointon and Joe Thomas welcome baby girl

A love story for the ages!

The Inbetweeners stars Joe Thomas and Hannah Tointon have officially welcomed their first child together.

While their relationship on the Channel 4 sitcom may have failed miserably, Joe and Hannah have had much more romantic success in real life.

The couple, who played Simon and Tara on the series, have been together for more than 10 years – engaged for five of those – and are now parents to a baby girl.

The couple have been together for 12 years.
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Hannah's sister Kara Tointon, who previously starred as Dawn Swann in Eastenders, shared the wonderful news on the Mum's the Word podcast this week.

"My sister's just had her first," she revealed in the interview.

"What's funny is that on Joe's side there's only boys, even during the scan they accidentally said he at one point, so they'd gone along thinking it's a boy."

She continued: "Everyone playing the shape game etc said she's having a boy, so when they eventually had a girl.. it was really brilliant, but it knocked them for six.

"So they hadn't even decided on a girls' name. They left it as a surprise."

In The Inbetweeners, Simon, like the rest of his friends, had a hard time when it came to romance.

But in the third and final season of the sitcom, Simon finally wound up in a relationship with Tara. That is, until three episodes later, when an awkward encounter led to Simon slapping his flaccid penis and accidentally exposing himself to a room full of people – prompting Tara to ask him never to contact her again.

Thankfully, things have gone much more smoothly for Joe and Hannah than they did for their unfortunate characters.

After meeting in 2012 on-set, the couple got engaged in 2017 and live together in London.

Over the years, the couple have been pretty private about their relationship – although, given how things ended for their characters, that's probably for the best!

But, Tara did go as far as to call Joe 'the love of [her] life' back in 2020.

The couple have had a lot more luck with love in real life.
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Speaking to The Sunwhen asked who or what was the love of her life, she said: "My fiancé Joe. We’ve been together for 10 years. He’s just brilliant."

Two years earlier, Joe briefly mentioned Hannah in an interview on Lorraine, while promoting a comedy film they had both worked on called The Festival.

Thomas said that working with his partner on-set had been 'nice and easy', joking: "I've just got used to it. She's just in everything. Because my brain is so simple, I was just like 'Yep, there she is!'"

This pairing is just too perfect. Congratulations to the new parents!

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