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Fans Defend Pregnant Rihanna After She Sips From A Champagne Glass

Fans Defend Pregnant Rihanna After She Sips From A Champagne Glass

Rihanna fans really stepped up

Rihanna had people up in arms this weekend when a video for her new Fenty Cookies N Clean face mask saw her take a sip from a champagne flute - while heavily pregnant.

The singer-turned-fashion-mogul shared a video to her social media applying the face mask with her hair wrapped in a towel and champagne glass in-hand.

Watch the clip here:

After trying out her new face mask, RiRi captioned the video: "and that’s on self care bih".

Among the typical messages of love and support from fans, there were some comments from concerned viewers who assumed the Fenty founder was drinking alcohol while pregnant.

"Alcohol isn't good for the baby," read one comment.

"Drinking while heavily pregnant?" asked a second.

And a third warned: "ur pregnant girl don’t drink alcohol".

However, it wasn't long before fans were fending people off.

Viewers assumed that RiRi was drinking alcohol while pregnant.

Some argued that just because the 'What's My Name' singer was drinking from a champagne glass, it didn't necessarily mean there was alcohol inside.

"So that means it’s always alcohol? it’s a GLASS which is used for drinks. Doesn’t have to be alcohol," commented one fan.

"Knew I was gonna see a comment like this as soon as I seen her take a sip. Lol," laughed a second.

It wasn't long before more eagle-eyed viewers, who had thoroughly analysed the video, joined in, pointing out that Rihanna was, in fact, sipping a non-alcoholic beverage.

"Look at the bottle before you judge maybe!?" wrote one.

"It’s literally ginger ale relax," added another.

"Ginger ale but go on," commented a third.

Rihanna was drinking Ginger Ale.

It's true. A quick pause of Rihanna's video shows the mum-to-be pouring a bottle of Ginger Ale into her champagne glass, meaning her concerned viewers can breathe a sigh of relief.

However, now some fans have other concerns.

"Damn, now this ginger ale I love gonna be sold out," tweeted one.

"Now Fever Tree Ginger Ale is gonna sell out! I’d better go stock up on my long time favourite! Better buy some cucumbers too," worried another.

Rihanna really did THAT!

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@badgalriri

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