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Emily Atack Says She's Been 'Bombarded By Perverts' Over Taxi Photo

Emily Atack Says She's Been 'Bombarded By Perverts' Over Taxi Photo

This is gross.

Emily Atack claims she was subject to countless messages from 'perverts' online this weekend after a popular porn site shared a photo of her to their website and social media.

The presenter, 32, was understandably grossed out when she discovered an innocent selfie she had taken was being shared by Fake Taxi - a porn page about men having sex with women in the back of cabs.

After her selfie was shared by the site, Emily shared that she was 'bombarded' with nasty messages from trolls.

Emily's original selfie was shared by Fake Taxi with the caption: "Somebody tell @EmilyAtack that she forgot her purse."

Reacting to the wildly inappropriate tweet, Emily shared a screenshot to her own Instagram story, complaining that the post had ruined her "wholesome Sunday."

She wrote: "Oh good so this photo is now on the actual Fake Taxi Twitter and website. Excellent. No really that's great.

"Trying to have a wholesome Sunday and I'm being bombarded with perverts asking if I'd like to accidentally take a wrong turn into the woods. Go iron your kids school uniforms you p**cks."

Emily was disgusted when she saw the photo was shared. (

In the past, Emily has been very open about her experiences with sexual harassment, revealing last year that she receives hundreds of messages per day.

In an interview for UNILAD's 13 Minutes With series, the Inbetweeners actress said that she has even been left fearing for her safety as a result of some of the DMs she has been sent.

Some of the messages were from men claiming to know where she lives and following her home.

The star went on to read out some of the messages she has been sent by strangers on the internet.

Emily has previously opened up about the sexual harassment she faces. (
Youtube/ LADBible TV)

"I worked out the other day, before 10am, I'd seen three penises that I hadn't asked to see - three c**k shots that had been sent through," she said at the time.

"If I'd walked out into the street to get a coffee and three men had flashed me on the way, I'd be in pieces, I'd be traumatised."

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@emilyatack

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