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Ed Sheeran wrote seven tracks in only four hours as he struggled to deal with wife Cherry's cancer diagnosis

Ed Sheeran wrote seven tracks in only four hours as he struggled to deal with wife Cherry's cancer diagnosis

Sheeran has said that the tracks were his way of dealing with the heart-breaking diagnosis, confessing that music was his ‘therapy’.

Ed Sheeran has revealed that he wrote seven songs in just four hours after his wife, Cherry Seaborn, was diagnosed with cancer.

The singer revealed that Seaborn was diagnosed with a tumour during her pregnancy with their second child.

The couple open up about the diagnosis in Sheeran's four-part doc-series, Ed Sheeran: The Sum of It All.

You can watch the trailer here:

The pair have been married since 2019 and also have a daughter, Lyra, in 2020.

Doctors informed her that, due to her pregnancy, she wouldn't be able to have the tumour operated on.

She said: “Long story short, I got diagnosed with cancer at the start of the year, which was a massive s**tter, but it made me massively reflect on our mortality.

“I was saying to Eds, I'd never have agreed to do anything like this [a documentary] before - never, ever, ever - but it made me think this whole year, if I died, what's people's perception of me?

“What am I going to leave behind? It genuinely wasn't until this year when I was just like, ‘I might die’.

Within the same month, the singer also dealt with the sudden loss of his friend, Jamal Edwards.

Sheeran and Edwards had an incredibly close relationship, with the singer-songwriter dubbing that late entrepreneur his' best friend'.

Sheeran speaks about the diagnosis in his new Disney+ doc.

Seaborn then revealed that the singer 'went down into the basement and wrote seven songs in four hours'.

She added: "Some people write a diary and get their emotions out through the pen and, for Eds, if something really intense happens, he'll go and write a song.”

Her diagnosis hit Sheeran hard - leading to what the singer called 'dark days'.

However, he was able to process his emotions through his music.

“Music's always been like therapy to me," he admitted, adding: "It was a way to get my thoughts and feelings down as a kid, and it works. It really works.”

Ed's wife, Cherry, was diagnosed with a tumour while pregnant with their second child.

“The loss…it just took over my life,” Sheeran said, adding: “...every time something massive happens I tend to write a song about it.”

He continued: "The moment you find the worst thing has happened to someone you truly love, you feel like you're drowning and can't get out from under it.”

Seaborn also expressed her concern about Sheeran's mental health in the trailer, saying: "He's worked every day this year, either writing, performing or doing promo.

“We've barely had a conversation this year about his mental health. I can see it and there's massive alarm bells for me.”

Ed Sheeran: The Sum Of It All will be available to stream on Disney+ from May 3.

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