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Drew Barrymore shares her big 'no no' in the bedroom

Drew Barrymore shares her big 'no no' in the bedroom

The chat show host has recently started dating again

Everyone has certain things that do or don't work for them in the bedroom, and Drew Barrymore has revealed one of her big 'no no' situations when it comes to getting intimate.

The actor and host of The Drew Barrymore Show is currently on the dating scene after having been married three times, but she's been open in the past about the fact partners aren't the only ones she's welcomed into her bed.

Last year, Barrymore posted an early-morning snap of herself snuggled in bed with her cat, Lucky, and she's also admitted to sharing the bed with her dogs and even her bearded dragon, Jeremy, from time to time.

However, Barrymore has made clear that there's a time and a place for dogs, and it's definitely not during intimate moments.

She discussed having dogs in the bedroom while speaking with her co-host Ross Mathews on an episode of The Drew Barrymore Show this week, when the pair talked about how bedroom clutter - even living creatures - can impact your sex life.

Barrymore has been open about inviting pets into her bed.

“I couldn’t agree more,” Barrymore said. “The only people who have been in my bed in the last seven years are my dogs and cats but if someone came over I’d be like, ‘Get out!'”

Barrymore showed a picture of her animals hanging out on her bed, but explained: "Listen: a man comes over, you will think I own no animals.”

“Yeah, get that lizard out of my bed," Matthews joked in response.

The 50 First Dates star went on to make it clear that she can't have any creatures in the bedroom if things are going to get a little more hot and heavy, describing it as a 'no no' for her and saying she 'can’t with the dog watching and the cats walking around'.

Barrymore says she'd kick animals out if a man came over.

This is the second time Barrymore has declared her views against having animals in the bedroom, having previously discussed the subject during an episode of her show in 2021.

In that episode, Matthews admitted that his partner had made him kick the dogs out of the bedroom after he previously slept with them every night.

"I say put the man first," Barrymore said in response to Matthews' experience. "You're taking great care of the dogs, and listen, nobody wants that eye contact either, like if you're making out and the dog's staring at you... ew. They can rule the roost of the rest of the house."

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