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Brooke Shields make shocking new claims as she says mum was 'in love' with her

Brooke Shields make shocking new claims as she says mum was 'in love' with her

The actor opened up about her dysfunctional childhood

Brooke Shields has made the shocking claim that her own mother was 'in love' with her.

Promoting her tell-all documentary, the actor claimed that her late mother, Teri Shields, never dated as she was solely focused on her career.

Speaking to Drew Barrymore on her talkshow, who related to her dysfunctional relationship, the 57-year-old opened up about her upbringing.

When asked if her mum had dated any of her partners, like Barrymore's own mother had done, Shields said: "No, because she was in love with me. I was her main focus. Both of us were cut off from our sexuality."

Barrymore then revealed that her mother had actually tried it on with her boyfriend.

Brooke Shields opened up about her relationship with her mother.
The Drew Barrymore Show/YouTube

"My mom was so enamoured with me that she wanted to be with the people I was with," she said, to which Shields said: "I get it. It's so needy and weird.

"No one's going to get you. I'm going to be there. I'm there first. You're mine. I'm not going to give you to somebody.

"Under the guise of protection, but it was more ownership and fear."

However, despite the strange nature of their relationship, Shields said she just kept going.

She said: "I did a movie and we got a car. All I knew was keep my mother alive, keep dancing and get stuff.

"But to emerge from it not angry or jaded… it's something in your character. It's in my character."

Following the documentary, Shields said she also received a call from the Blue Lagoon director, Randal Kleiser.

She said: "I saw his name on my phone, and I was like, 'Oh, what do I do?; And I let it go to voicemail because I was like, 'I want to see what the tone is'.

Drew Barrymore could relate to Shield's experiences.
The Drew Barrymore Show/YouTube

"He wants to chat. I don't know about what, I don't feel like bringing any of it back up again."

Looking back, Shields said she felt like she had been exploited during her formative years in the film industry.

And she told the host that she still harbours some resentment to that time.

"It was about, you know, these males needing me to be in a certain category to serve their story and it never was about me, it was never protective of me.," she said.

"It was fun and loving at times, but...I was just there. I was a pawn, I was a piece, I was a commodity."

Featured Image Credit: The Drew Barrymore Show/YouTube

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