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Fans concerned after Britney Spears shares 'creepy' video covering herself in cake

Fans concerned after Britney Spears shares 'creepy' video covering herself in cake

Britney has concerned fans once again.

Britney Spears has got fans worrying for her once again after her most recent post to Instagram, in which she shoves her face into a cake to celebrate her birthday.

The 'Lucky' singer celebrated her 41st birthday earlier this month, and clearly went all out to mark the occasion. Check out her video here:

In the now-deleted video, Britney is dressed in a bright red jumpsuit and sat in front of her Christmas tree.

Kneeling on the floor and drinking from a bottle of what looks like Prosecco or Champagne, the star danced around and flipped off the camera before taking her birthday cake and dunking her face in it, smearing the icing all over herself.

After viewing the video on Instagram, fans took to Twitter to dissect it - and a lot of people are worried about her.

"Gotta admit this video did kinda creep me out", wrote one user.

"Why Britney like this? Is she pretending to be happy", tweeted a second.

"Poor girl. So talented, so much to give. This is painful to watch", added a third.

But a hardcore supporter hit back: "Looks like she’s having a good time. what’s painful about this to you?"

Britney has concerned fans again with her latest video.
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One concerned viewer asked: "I love her but why is she acting like a 12 year old"

While another said: "And her fans will still pretend she’s ok and capable of living on her own."

But despite all of the concern from fans, there were plenty of people who argued that Britney was just having some fun on her birthday.

"This is how i want to be on my birthday", wrote one fan.

"I want only this to be my vibe from now on", joked a second.

"I just love this video so much. I think it’s hilarious", added a third.

As well as her birthday, Britney recently marked one year since the termination of her controversial conservatorship, which she was trapped in for 14 years.

The pop-idol had been put into the legal guardianship in 2008 after a series of shocking public incidents.

Originally, it was just a temporary conservatorship, which would see her father Jamie Spears in charge of both her estate and financial affairs, and her as a person.

However, the conservatorship lasted until November 2021, after Britney's father was suspended as the legal guardian of both her and her affairs.

Since then, the 'Toxic' singer has gotten married to her boyfriend Sam Asghari, released a number one single with Elton John, and used her newfound freedom on social media to share how she really feels about her family.

Featured Image Credit: Twitter/@britneythestan

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