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Amanda Bynes set for first public appearance since end of conservatorship

Amanda Bynes set for first public appearance since end of conservatorship

She'll be reuniting with her All That cast mates at a 90s convention

Amanda Bynes is set to make her first public appearance since her conservatorship ended last year.

The actor will reunite with her former All That cast mates Lori Beth Denberg, Danny Tamberelli and Kel Mitchell for 90s Con, almost two decades after the original show left our screens in 2000.

Bynes and her fellow All That stars will be taking part in a cast reunion and panel discussion to the event.

And, according to organisers, visitors ‘will have the chance to meet and greet with the cast for autographs, selfies and professional photo opportunities. There will also be an opportunity to take a photo on a replica of the iconic orange couch with the cast members’.

Sounds fun.

Bynes said: “I’m really excited to reunite with my cast mates and meet the fans at 90’s Con!”

As well as being an absolute dream for all 90s' kids - the convention, which will be held on 17 to 19 March in Connecticut, will be the She's The Man star's first major public appearance since her conservatorship ended last year.

Amanda Bynes as a child in All That.

Bynes, 36, was placed under a conservatorship in August 2013, shortly after struggling with mental health issues.

In March 2022, she requested her mother to be withdrawn as her conservator - a request which the judge granted.

At the time, Judge Roger L. Lund said: "The Capacity Declaration filed 02/22/22 concludes that conservatee has capacity [to] give informed consent to any form of medical treatment.

"The court determines that the conservatorship is no longer required and that grounds for establishment of a conservatorship of the person no longer exist.

"The court intends to grant the petition for termination and order the conservatorship of the person of Amanda Bynes be terminated."

Amanda Bynes’ conservatorship ended last year.
REUTERS / Alamy Stock Photo

Bynes thanked her fans 'for their love and well wishes' over the nine-year period.

In a statement shared with People, she previously said: "Following today's decision by the judge to terminate my conservatorship, I would like to thank my fans for their love and well wishes during this time.

"I would also like to thank my lawyer and my parents for their support over the last nine years.

"In the last several years, I have been working hard to improve my health so that I can live and work independently, and I will continue to prioritise my well-being in this next chapter.

"I am excited about my upcoming endeavours — including my fragrance line — and look forward to sharing more when I can."

Featured Image Credit: PA Images / Alamy Stock Photo @amanda.bynes1986/Instagram

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