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Adele Praised For Stopping Concert When Crowd Needed Help

Adele Praised For Stopping Concert When Crowd Needed Help

And this is why Adele is the queen.

Adele has won praise from her fans after stopping a concert to help a struggling audience member during her Hyde Park concert in London on Friday.

The 'Easy On Me' singer had just begun to sing her Grammy and Oscar award-winning song 'Skyfall' when she noticed something wrong in the crowd of 65,000.

Watch here:

The 34-year-old had spotted some fans near the front waving at her to get her attention when she abruptly stopped the performance.

Adele called on security to check on her supporters, urging others to 'move out of the way' for easier access.

Pointing out the distressed fan to security from her high vantage point, she told them: "Right in the middle there. Can you see where they are all waving?"

Reacting to a TikTok video of the event, fans were thrilled with Adele for putting her audience's wellbeing first.

"NOW THAT'S HOW WE DO IT IN THE UK," commented one viewer.

"And that's how you take care of your FANS, respect to you ADELE," raved a second.

Adele impressed fans by stopping her concert to help struggling fans.

"Now this is exactly how it should be done. Unlike some performers ignoring it," wrote a third.

And a fourth added: "Not a big fan of Adele but that's great to see."

Other more cynical viewers were less impressed with Adele's concert disruption.

"Is this compulsory now?" asked one TikTok user.

"It happens at every show now it’s a set up to make them look good," a second argued.

However, the vast majority of viewers rushed to the singer's defence, insisting that there was nothing funny about the move.

Adele performed to a crowd of 65,000 on Friday.

Pointing out that Adele is no stranger to taking care of her audience, one fan noted: "She did this when she headlined Glastonbury as well. She always looks out for her audience."

Another sarcastically wrote: "Yeah because Adele must need more attention than she already has. Behave people."

"Even if it's a 'trend' it's a good 'trend', saving people's lives, maybe if we made being kind a 'trend' the world would be a better place," added a third.

The monumental Hyde Park performance was Adele's first live concert since her two Wembley concerts back in 2017.

Taking to the stage, the songstress admitted that she was 'f***ing s***ing [her]self' in front of the mammoth crowd.

However, as always, Adele put on a show-stopping performance, leaving fans and celebrity guests in awe.

Would we expect any less?

Featured Image Credit: @adele.romania/@andreaskrv/TikTok

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