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Fan Given 'Best Seat In The House' At Adele Concert After Turning Up With Pride Flag

Fan Given 'Best Seat In The House' At Adele Concert After Turning Up With Pride Flag

Luck was on the side of this Adele fan when he turned up to her concert with a Pride flag!

An Adele fan has revealed how their decision to bring a Pride flag to her Hyde Park gig on Sunday (3 July) landed him 'the best seat in the house'. Watch Adele speak to him from the stage below:

Taking to Twitter to recount the incredible turn of events, Dean revealed he'd brought a general admission ticket for Adele, but was approached by a woman as he was leaving the toilet.

Jack explained that the woman had seen him wearing a Pride flag and said that Adele needed one for her performance. She then asked if Adele could borrow his flag and 'OF COURSE I SAID YES!'

"Then we were whisked away into the Diamond VIP section and given a LOT of drinks tokens."

Dean and his accompanying friend Jack then got to watch Gabrielle, and the pair even met Charlotte Crosby from Geordie Shore.

He explained that they were 'stunned' at this point and described the whole thing as 'a dream'.

But as if all that wasn't already a once-in-a-lifetime event, it actually got better.

"Adele, in front of 65,000 people, asks where Jack and Dean are and calls us over to the barrier! I of course, have no footage of this as I was losing my mind!" he wrote.

He said it was at this point that they were given 'the best seats' in the house, and he shared some incredible snaps taken from there.

"Then, during 'When We Were Young', @adele appeared wearing the very flag we bought for eight quid at Holborn station just hours before! I cried," Dean said.

Adele went on to acknowledge Dean and Jack again when she sang 'Love Is A Game' and she blew the pair a kiss, which they also captured on camera!

"THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU ADELE!!!! I'll never ever forget this night and this pride!!!!" Dean wrote at the end of the now-viral Twitter thread.

Needless to say, other Adele fans were stunned and jealous of the incredible turn of events.

One wrote: "Love this thread. This is what Twitter should be for. Happy Pride."

"I'm literally crying watching your clips, thank you for sharing them all... A precious moment you'll remember forever," added a second.

A third remarked: "What a night, what a thread...thanks for letting us glimpse your special night."

If there's a lesson to be taken from this story, it's this - always carry a Pride flag as you never know what could happen next.

Oh, and in case you're wondering, Adele gave Dean his flag back at the end.

Featured Image Credit: @DeanWillima/Twitter

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