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Woman claims people say she 'must be a vampire' after revealing her age

Woman claims people say she 'must be a vampire' after revealing her age

She's shared her must-have skincare products.

A woman has revealed that people have accused her of being a 'vampire' after she revealed her real age and now she's shared her secret.

Amber Lancaster is an American influencer who made a name for herself on The Price Is Right as a model, but until recently people had no idea how old she was. This is her secret to saying young:

If you're a long time fan of The Price Is Right, you might be able to work out her age, as she first appeared on the show back in 2008, when she was still in her 20s. She's now 42.

Amber took to TikTok back in March to explain what is keeping her looking like she's 20 years younger, and it turns out that it's some seriously effective skincare products.

She said the first product that she swears by is Tretinoin, which is only available on prescription.

"I've been using it for 15 years and it's literally changed my skin," she said, showing off the product in a now-viral TikTok. "41 years old and I credit this little tube right here."

She went on to reveal that the product stimulates collagen production which is the 'number one ingredient that's scientifically proven to change your skin'.

People can't believe Amber is 41.
Instagram / amberlancaster

This statement is backed up by the National Library of Medicine in this study, however, the model did note that it doesn't work for all skin types 'unfortunately'.

She then recommended SkinCeuticals C E Ferulic serum and said it's 'the combo of all of these ingredients is what makes this so effective.'

"Vitamin C is a very trendy ingredient right now, but it's not always effective," she admitted.

SkinCeuticals themselves said their product can improve 'the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, loss of firmness, and brightens skin's complexion.'

Amber has shared her must-have skin products.
TikTok / @amberlancaster007

Up next was a moisturiser that costs just $6 (£5.36) - Pond's Dry Skin Facial Moisturiser.

This product is apparently so effective because it contains petroleum jelly, which Cerave reports 'creates a physical barrier that prevents moisture from leaving the skin.'

Her final recommendation was Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream that helps skin by sealing in moisture.

"You guys, this stuff has been around for decades, I'm obsessed with it.

"I mean people have raved about it forever," she said.

Viewers of the video were quick to state that thanks to Amber's youthful appearance, they will be taking her skincare advice very seriously.

"41," wrote viewer alongside a mind-blown emoji. "You look bomb I need your products now…..thought you were in your 20s [sic]."

A second questioned: "You're 41!!!!????!!?? I literally thought you were 30!!?!"

"You did not say 41," remarked a third. "OK, I want to know everything about you now cuz I'm pretty sure you're a vampire!!"

"You look 23!" added a fourth while a fifth wrote: "You are not 41! 21 maybe."

What do you think of Amber's recommendations?

Featured Image Credit: Instagram / amberlancaster

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