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People Are Raving About This Vaseline Perfume Hack

People Are Raving About This Vaseline Perfume Hack

People are raving about the newest beauty hack to make perfume last longer.

People are flocking to TikTok for the newest viral life hack all about getting your perfume to stay on you longer.

In a TikTok video captioned, "So happy I found this hack", a woman shows viewers how to keep their perfume smelling fresh all day.

She demonstrates a short tutorial of the hack, instructing watchers to "apply Vaseline on your skin and spray your perfume of choice on top". The TikToker ends the video with, "Thank me later".

And this isn't the first video of its kind. Under the hashtags "perfume Vaseline", countless videos pop up of users all over jumping on this latest beauty trend.

One video with a background audio of, "Show me a life hack that you randomly saw one day and is now an unconscious standard practice in your life", has now amassed over 3.9 million plays.

In the short clip, a woman heats up a clump of Vaseline in a tin and sprays a few pumps of perfume into it. She then waits for the mixture to set and harden and transforms the two ingredients into a DIY solid perfume.

TikTok users have flooded to the comment section to remark on the new beauty hack. One commented, "She's making a solid perfume, instead of buying a new one. Great idea."

"Good for traveling, also makes the scent last longer! Good idea girl, will be doing it," another wrote.


A third also jumped on board with the trend commenting, "Awesome idea! I’m going to use my perfume samples for this!

While many people are chiming in with their rave reviews for this Vaseline perfume hack, we thought we'd speak to a fragrance expect to see if the hack actually works.


We spoke to The Fragrance Shop’s Senior Brand Manager, Hollie Race, who says" "Applying Vaseline or any kind of body balm, moisturiser or oil can help hold a fragrance for longer on your skin, acting like a fragrance primer."

She explains, "The stickiness of the solution can help your fragrance last throughout the day, especially in warm weather where your skin can produce excess oils, creating the opposite effect."

"Vaseline doesn't have its own strong scent, but layering your fragrance with a fragranced cream/balm, will help to enhance the fragrance you're wearing."

You've heard it from the professional so it's no surprise that the trend is going down a storm. Maybe this will be the beauty hack to end all hacks and, the best part, it will only cost you the price of a tub of Vaseline!

Featured Image Credit: Pexels

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