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Skincare Expert Reveals How We've Been Using Vaseline All Wrong

Skincare Expert Reveals How We've Been Using Vaseline All Wrong

Did you know this trick?

Before we get too caught up on which toners, cleansers, and serums to include in our perfect skincare routine, perhaps it's best to first check that we're using the most basic products correctly.

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That's what TikTok creator and skincare expert @skinbyolivera made us realise when she revealed to followers that they had been using Vaseline wrong this whole time.

Sharing the skincare trick, she captioned the video: "The best tip to keep your lips hydrated all winter long!"

Shocked that they had been applying their Vaseline wrong, viewers took to Olivera's comments to thank her for the mind-blowing tip.

"How did I not know this," asked one.

While another grateful follower commented: "Thank you for this !! My lips are cut up during winter".

And a third added: "I do this for my skin but i never realized the same goes for my lips. thank you!!"

Other viewers said that they had caught on to this trick a little earlier than the rest of us, and confirmed it really works.

One wrote: "I always did this and it’s way better than putting balm on dry lips."

A second Tiktoker said: "I literally can’t EVER put on Vaseline or chapstick without wetting my lips first. Putting it on dry just feels gross😂."

And a third shared: "as a medical aesthetician this is a great tip!! Vaseline is an occlusive so it creates a seal and prevents moisture loss from skin 😊."

Have you been applying your Vaseline correctly? (

But others were sceptical about Olivera's tip.

One user commented: "itd be more efficient to just DRINK water".

Another wrote: "u don't have to put water on your lips and then seal it with a balm lmao".

To get to the bottom of it, Tyla spoke to skincare expert and Head of Face the Future clinic Kimberley Hulme about the trending tip.

Kimberley said: "The main thing is that Vaseline is petroleum jelly and it is an occlusive that acts as a barrier on the skin, helping to prevent moisture from escaping. If you were to put water on your lips and then apply Vaseline over the top, it would probably just feel hydrating as you've got your water and then the barrier of the Vaseline on top."

She added: "If you do want to use Vaseline and want to protect your lips while you're outdoors, I would suggest putting a hydrating lip protector on first and then using Vaseline as a barrier to prevent moisture from escaping. Water can't hydrate from the outside in, only inside out."


Vaseline isn't the only product we should be using this trick for either. We've learned from experts in the past that applying hyaluronic acid to a wet base is an essential step in your skincare routine.

TikTok creator Rocio Soria had viewers in awe earlier this year after explaining the one little change that can revamp your entire skincare routine.

In recent years, hyaluronic acid has become a staple product in most people's skincare collections, with benefits including moisturising, healing wounds, relieving dry eye symptoms, and promoting a healthy glow for all skin-types.

Speaking to followers, Rocio explained that hyaluronic acid is a must-have for anyone with dry skin - and if you disagree, you might be using it wrong!

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@skinbyolivera

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