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Hairstylist warns how your morning run is ruining your hair

Hairstylist warns how your morning run is ruining your hair

Like to keep fit by going for a run AND care about not damaging your hair? You'll want to read this!

Getting up early for a morning run to start the day can only be a good thing, right? Well... you could be wrong.

According to one hairstylist on TikTok, your morning jog could be doing more harm than good for your luscious locks. Here's why:

Hairdresser and TikTok user @tomsmithhd recently shared a tip for all of us with long hair who like to keep fit and get their heart rate pumping with a decent jog around the park.

Tom starts the video by saying "If you exercise and you also care about your hair, you're going to want to listen to this.

"I've just been in the park this morning and I saw someone jogging, someone running, and I thought good for you, it's a Sunday!"

He then goes on to explain how the jogger's hair was up in a long ponytail and was swishing side to side as she ran, and how this motion is 'like whiplash for your hair'. But why is this such a big issue?

Pexels / Karolina Grabowska

Well, according to hairdresser Tom, "If you go for a run and you have your hair loose, whipping back and forth, it's an absolute recipe for split ends and really dry friction burn on the ends of your hair."

Tom then highlights a really simple solution for avoiding unwanted, unnecessary damage to your hair.

"So, make sure you wrap it, maybe braid it into a neat little bun, keep it all tightly tucked away so that it's not moving as you run."

TikTok / tomsmithhd

The video, captioned "Don’t let your morning jog ruin your hair!", has received thousands of views and hundreds of comments since it was uploaded, with one user responding: "No way! I’m a runner with dry ends and had no idea. Thanks!" and another joking, 'better [to] be safe and not run at all'.

Another TikTok user commented" "Love this, I never thought of that but it makes total sense! Can sweat from exercising cause issues with your scalp if not washing each time?" To which Tom replied: "Yes absolutely! Best to keep scalp clean."

Of course, we already knew how important it was to keep your mind and body healthy by staying fit and active, but it's good to know that there's also good hair habits to consider, too.

We're putting our hair up in a bun as we speak!

Featured Image Credit: TikTok Image Source / Alamy Stock Photo

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