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Hairdresser shares common style people ask for that’s a ‘mistake’

Hairdresser shares common style people ask for that’s a ‘mistake’

The stylist has warned customers of one specific haircut to never ask for

A hairdresser has revealed the common style 'mistake' people always ask for which leaves customers looking a bit like 'a shelf'.

There's a different level of pressure when you're sitting in the hairdressers chair without knowing exactly what hair style you want.

And more often than not, the indecisiveness often ends up in disaster, as alluded to by stylist Joie Judge.

Taking to TikTok, the Colorado-based hairdresser captioned her viral video: "What not to ask your hairstylist."

The clip sees Joie sat in a salon in front of a mirror rocking her 'blunt cut/no layers' haircut with 'beach curls'.

In the text overlay she explains to her followers the 'common hair lingo mistake', followed by a series of horrific looking trims.

The TikToker warns her followers to never ask their hairdresser for 'one or two layers'.

Why you may ask? This is because your hair could end up like the photos below:

Don't ask your hairdresser for one or two layers, or else.
TikTok / @joie_judge

If you don't think that's too bad, have a look at this one:

It gets worse.
TikTok / @joie_judge

"What should we say?" one perplexed viewer asked. "I've struggled with every new salon I go too, they do that to my hair every single time."

Joie advised: "You should probably go to a nicer salon if that's what you're getting and always come with pictures of what you want."

Another viewer admitted: "My hair looks like the 4th pic with blond hair rn and almost the same length. If I knew it would be messed up I wouldn't of cut it so short."

Incase anyone else is wondering, another person asked: "What is your color formula??? I'm platinum and wanting to go back natural and that's the perfect color!"

The TikToker revealed: "Unfortunately it's my natural color with little bits of blonde at the end from my bleach and tone in 2020."

Not great.
TikTok / @joie_judge

Well we've all been there - when the hairdresser has absolutely butchered your barnet and there's simply nothing you can do.

But one woman couldn't hack her new trim and left the salon 'ugly crying' over her new hair 'do.

TikToker @rosaamazapan certainly didn't get the look she was expecting, taking to the video sharing platform to explain she was left weeping at the results.

The woman was gutted with her new hair style.

She said: "I take good care of my hair. I'm a good person. Why? Why did this happen? Why did nobody stop her? What is this?

"This is my hair styled. She styled it! I looked at myself in the mirror and I was like holy s**t my self-esteem is about to f**king plummet.

"Do you guys see this? Please tell me you see this.

"What did I do to deserve this?"

Featured Image Credit: TikTok / @joie_judge

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