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Shoppers Are Calling This £19 Serum For Dry Skin 'Liquid Silk'

Shoppers Are Calling This £19 Serum For Dry Skin 'Liquid Silk'

Quite frankly, we’re obsessed.

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Shoppers are calling this £19 serum for dry skin “liquid silk”, and quite frankly, we’re obsessed.

Skincare moguls have been hailing ZenaSkin products as their ‘favourite’ brand to promote ‘healthy, glowing skin’ on TikTok.

Users of the brand have been sharing a slew of relaxing self-care videos to the platform trying their cleanser, moisturiser and face mask, with one shopper claiming that the products have “definitely made a difference to the hydration levels of my skin”. 

Now, ZenaSkin has launched their Vitamin ACE Facial Serum, putting the genius behind their viral pink clay mask into a brand new daily product.

The miracle-worthy facial serum is both vegan and cruelty-free and makes skin look and feel more hydrated, bright and plumped. 

Made for all skin types, the ACE serum is infused with vitamins A, C and E, which can help lock in moisture and can better prepare the skin for moisturiser. 

Lovers of the brand have also explained on social media that they’re loving the way their makeup applies and sits on the skin after using ZenaSkin products. 

So, we’re certain that this serum will give you the ultimate priming glow before foundation, should you choose to wear it. Or, embrace the blinding glow the serum promotes, and go au naturel. 

The new serum even boosts collagen retention and can protect against factors that stress and irritate your skin, like people who take ages to text back, Monday mornings, and more importantly, UV light. 

Ready to rejuvenate your dry skin? Use our code ZENA for 20 per cent off your order and head to the ZenaSkin site now.

Featured Image Credit: Pexels/ ZenaSkin

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