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Woman who hasn't shaved for years says her boyfriend loves her hairy body

Woman who hasn't shaved for years says her boyfriend loves her hairy body

The woman's grooming choices haven't fazed her partner one bit

A woman who hasn't shaved for years now has revealed that her boyfriend absolutely adores her body hair.

Spanish TikTok creator Calita Fire made the decision to halt shaving, waxing and just about any other hair removal strategy after she realised she could make a pretty penny or two out of it.

Three years since she last used a razor and five figures up a month now, it's clear that Calita is crushing it and has absolutely no regrets. Check it out:

The woman regularly uploads videos to TikTok chronicling her grooming habits - namely that she embraces the natural look and has truly epitomised the 'love the skin you're in' body positivity movement.

Not only this, but Calita has cleverly managed to make a business out of her body hair after revealing that it has now become a financial 'asset'.

And the decision has also worked wonders for her love life.

In one video, Calita told her 11.9k followers that her boyfriend absolutely adored her grown-out armpit hair.

Describing the unshaven look as 'liberating' the TikToker told her viewers: "My bf loves it."

The short clip's caption read: "Don’t know why you all so worried about what he thinks."

"My bf loves it."

She makes a good point.

While something that naturally occurs should not be a cause for controversy, it's clear that some of Calita's audience are not too happy with her pit-uation at all.

One troll commented: "So you say you're single."

"I'm lost," wrote a second, and a third really took it to the next level writing: "I can mow it for you."

However, for the most part, many of the TikToker's viewers are totally supportive of the her choices.

Pretty much every single one of Calita's 29 TikToks have been flooded with an avalanche of love heart, kissing face and fire emojis alongside a whole load of compliments championing her decision to embrace her body hair.

One TikTok user wrote: "That’s awesome."

Calita is taking home a huge monthly salary because of her body hair.

"Love it," penned a second while a third praised: "Nothing like a natural woman."

In a separate video, Calita declared just how much cash she was raking in from simply missing out this one extra step in the shower.

The overlay text read: "Body hair is an asset, earning 5 figures a month."

She captioned the post: "Thank you body hair."

It's clear that, despite the haters, this woman is going to keep championing the 'body hair don't care' movement.

And, after making such a hefty from it alone, why would she stop?

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@CalitaFire3

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