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People Are Loving These Amazon Foot Peels

People Are Loving These Amazon Foot Peels

Squeamishly satisfying.

If you're in need of some self care this January, then be sure to add this trending foot peel mask to your list of treatments!

People are absolutely loving the Plantifique peel masks because, not only do they keep your feet callus-free, exfoliated, and moisturised, but they're also incredibly satisfying.

Watch the masks in action here:

After sitting your feet in each foot peel sock for approximately 90 minutes, you'll find that your rougher, dry skin will quite literally shed!

People are obsessed with this mask, and have been sharing their squeamishly satisfying results on social media.

One video, shared by TikTok account @andrewxchrissy, had viewers in shared awe and disgust as they watched the couple peel off an entire layer of foot skin.

"You removed a whole layer of skin 😳Gotta try this 😌" commented one user.

"Omg 🤢Where did you get it tho?😏" wrote another.

TikTok podiatrist @TopPodiatry also made his own video on the foot masks, admitting: "Normally as a podiatrist, I don't recommend these products because they can be made of some sort of acid that can be very harmful to the skin."

TikTok podiatrist @TopPodiatry recommended the foot peels. (

He continued: "However, after looking up this product, it's made of a lot of natural ingredients and the acid that it uses is lactic acid. This is considered a very mild acid and when applied on the skin in small quantities, it helps wrinkles. But it larger quantities like this, it can help peel the outside layer of the skin."

The Plantifique foot peel masks are available on Amazon from £12.70, and come in Strawberry, Avocado, or Vitamin A and E.


According to Plantifique, the chemicals in their foot peel masks are completely safe and dermatologist approved, and can heal calluses and cracked feet from the deepest layers of the skin, leaving it softer and more nourished.

Want to try out the foot peels for yourself? You can pick them up here.

Featured Image Credit: Unsplash

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