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People Say This Electric Foot Warmer Is Perfect For Working From Home

People Say This Electric Foot Warmer Is Perfect For Working From Home

This electric foot warmer is the talk of Instagram, with some giving it rave reviews, while others suggest simpler ways to toast your toes.

People are raving about an electric foot warmer on social media. 

A video of a customer giving their glowing review of the Beurer FW20 grey foot warmer has gone viral after it was posted by Instagram account @girlyzar.

During the clip, which has been viewed more than 650,000 times, Instagram user @senasemina, who originally shared it, said “I NEED THIS IN MY LIFE” and many others have commented saying the same thing. 

The video’s creator captioned it saying they work from home and their feet are “always cold,” but with the gadget, they’re “nice and cosy.” The creator then demonstrated how to use it. 

The Beurer FW20 grey foot warmer looks like a giant slipper which both feet go inside of.

It works by plugging it in at the wall and then using the remote which comes with it to control the temperature and set a timer. The product has three temperature settings, a circulation booster and removable washable faux fur lining. 

This is one of several electric foot warmers on the market and is available to buy at Lloyds Pharmacy, Argos and Amazon. It’s currently on offer ahead of Christmas for £32, down from £79.99 at Lloyds.

Beurer FW20UK Electric Foot Warmer. (

The clip has had mixed reactions. While some have tagged their friends in the comments and said how it would be ideal to have under their desk when working from home, others aren’t so convinced.

Tagging her two mates, one Instagram user said: “This looks right up our street,” laughing.

“For under your desk,” suggested another user, tagging their friend.

However, others weren’t so positive. “I can see this catching on fire,” commented another Instagram user. The comment received 300 likes.

“Sweaty feet? No thanks I'll rather be cold,” remarked another user.

“Or put some fluffy socks or slippers on and don’t use electric that’s not needed,” said another.

Ahead of Christmas, Google searches for electric foot warmers have, unsurprisingly, risen. There are several brands on the market and they range anywhere from £25-£90.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@girlyzar/Amazon

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