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Woman divides opinion after complaining about beachgoer not letting dog sit under their tent

Woman divides opinion after complaining about beachgoer not letting dog sit under their tent

Her dog was hot and bothered, but she thought a fellow beachgoer's behaviour was a bit shady

A woman has divided opinion after she criticised a beachgoer who wouldn't allow her dog to sit under their tent.

Alana Reid took to Facebook to vent, claiming a sunny day at the seaside was ruined when fellow beachgoer refused to let her panting French bulldog take refuge under their tent while she waited for her husband to arrive with their own shade-giving beach apparatus.

According to the New York Post, she wrote: "It was a beautiful sunny day, and while trying to find a spot to sit, my Frenchie tried to make himself at home under someone else's umbrella.

"The owner looked very unimpressed, so I apologised and went and sat down and sheltered my pooch with my towel, while I waited for my husband to come back with our stuff for the beach."

Would you let this pooch share your shade?
Facebook / Alana Reid

Fortunately, an onlooker who witnessed the 'lukewarm' encounter stepped in and got their day back on track.

"Her and her husband busily put up the shade tent so just so my boy had some shelter, I was so grateful for the beautiful kind gesture of a complete stranger," Alana said.

"Dog people are my kind of people."

However, commenting on the post, some people pointed out that not all people are dog people.

One person said: "Is it really unkind to look unimpressed when a strange dog comes under their shade?

"I would have also looked unimpressed because I don't like dogs. It's my problem but I don't think that is unkind."

Another added: "Many people have serious allergies to dogs, so you never know. Best to keep your dog beside you or on a lead."

Of course, to dog people, it is completely unfathomable why anyone would not be a dog person, and there were plenty of fellow dog people who spoke out in support of Alana.

Dog people don't get people who aren't dog people.
Pexels/Petr Ganaj

One person wrote: "Oh those complaining or commenting on not being impressed with the dog stealing a bit of shade – honestly get over yourselves – if you don't want a dog near you don't go to a dog beach!!

"Seriously we are breeding a society of whinging whining annoying people. Give me a dog any day."

Another agreed: "I'd love for him to join me anytime. As long as he loved kisses and cuddles."

Featured Image Credit: Facebook / Alana Reid / incamerastock / Alamy Stock Photo

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