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Yellowjackets Fans Share Theory On The Antler Queen's Identity

Yellowjackets Fans Share Theory On The Antler Queen's Identity

We’re intrigued…

There’s so much good TV on right now, we’re literally spoilt for choice at what we can get stuck in to when we spend an evening in front of the telly.

One of shows that has certainly grabbed our attention is Yellowjackets, the blood-splattered thriller that has got everyone talking.

Watch the trailer below.

For the uninitiated, Yellowjackets as a series plays out on two timelines.

One follows the journey of an all-girls high school soccer team from New Jersey, who were invited to play in a national tournament in Seattle.

When flying over Canada, their plane experiences difficulties and crashes deep into the wilderness.

Very few of the teammates survive, and those who do are forced to hunt and fend for themselves in the bleak environment, where they remained lost for 19 months.

The girls do whatever they can to survive (

And many are trying to puzzle actually what happened between the girls, with some people proposing theories about the mysterious ‘Antler Queen’ – an enigmatic hooded figure who turns some of the girls from a football team into a full-blown, ritualistic and cannibalistic cult.

While many of us are trying to puzzle out which of the teammates is the Antler Queen, one person took to Reddit to share their compelling theory.

On the r/Yellowjackets thread, one person explained: “What if the Antler Queen isn't any one person? What if it's a ceremonial position for the next person to be hunted so the others can live? The deer antlers mark them as prey, the veil is so no one has to see their friends' faces as they prepare themselves to be the next snackrifice.

People are pointing towards Lottie having orchestrated the Antler Queen (

“I'm thinking something like how the Aztecs would treat their sacrifices to Tezcatlipoca like living incarnations of the god in the year leading up to their sacrifice, attending to their needs and letting them live a life of luxury.

“If this were the case, I would anticipate Lottie being the first one to do this.”

People were quick to entertain the theory, as it does seem to make sense to the group.

“I thought about this as well,” replied one Yellowjackets fan. “Almost like a Hunger Games type thing.

“TBH I would think that instead of an Antler Queen being leader, there would be more of an alpha wolf type thing. The deer on the other hand being the prey.

Others have suggested Misty could be drugging the victims (

“I could see Lottie doing some sort of communal thing where she says the weakest person needs to sacrifice themselves for the greater of the group. Then on to the next and the next and so on.”

A second had their own thoughts.

“I love this theory,” they replied. “I'm getting the sense either AQ is this or someone we haven't met yet, like an innocent new JV.|

And a third proposed: “I like this. Also, since I can't imagine anyone is super thrilled about being the sacrifice, even if they get treated like a god, what if Misty is keeping them drugged?”

Hmmm…we’re really scratching our heads at this one.

Yellowjackets is available to watch on Sky Atlantic and NOW.

Featured Image Credit: Showtime

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