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Yellowjackets Writers Explain Why This Character Had To Die

Yellowjackets Writers Explain Why This Character Had To Die

Hmm... we'll allow it.

Warning: Major spoilers for Yellowjackets ahead!

Teen survival drama Yellowjackets gripped viewers from the get-go when it first landed on our TVs.

And after a whirlwind first season and a dramatic finale, people are going back to analyse - with the help of series co-creator Ashley Lyle.

You can watch the trailer for Yellowjackets here:

The series follows an all-girls high school soccer team from New Jersey, who find themselves fighting for their lives after their plane crashes deep in to the wilderness during a journey to Seattle for a national tournament.

On one timeline, we see the surviving teammates work to stay alive in the wilderness for 19 months. The other flashes forward 25 years after the crash to see how those remaining are dealing with the trauma.

In the season finale, the main casualty was team captain Jackie, and while disappointed, fans were at least happy to know that her death was not caused by someone trying to eat her.

The creator Yellowjackets has explained one dramatic death. (

Rather, Jackie is kicked out of the girls' cabin after an argument, and is left to sleep outside during a snowstorm to freeze to death.

Reflecting on the death in an interview with Rolling Stone, Ashley Lyle revealed that she and Bart Nickerson had always planned for Jackie to die.

She said: "We always knew how and when she was going to die. We had word-for-word, scripted, and a memorised pitch that we made a lot of people sit through. The final phrase was, 'And as the first snow begins to fall, we end Season One.'

"We knew that Jackie was going to die. In the most straightforward way, our show is operating on that Lord of the Flies level. She was symbolic of society and the home that they had known, and the ways of thinking and behaving, and all of those structures."

Jackie freezes to death in the season finale. (

She adds: "We hope people are moved and satisfied by Jackie's death, and that they aren't disappointed that she's not murdered and eaten in the last episode! We'll get to that stuff eventually. This just felt right to us in terms of what needed to happen."

Fans who had been shocked by the brutal death were more than happy with the creators' poetic explanation - and it got them even more excited for season two!

"I like the idea of her symbolising the society they're no longer a part of. It's the civilised part of them dying," commented one fan. "Now they are like the animals around them. I like it."

Another wrote: "I honestly never thought about it that way, and really like the way they did it after reading this justification."

Roll on season two!

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