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Viewers left in tears after watching new Netflix thriller based on popular book

Viewers left in tears after watching new Netflix thriller based on popular book

The film first arrived in cinemas in 2022

Heartbreak, mystery and murder - this new literary adaptation on Netflix has it all, and viewers have been left in tears after it arrived on the streaming service in the US last week.

If you're a fan of the equally hard-hitting BBC drama Normal People, then you'll probably recognise Daisy Edgar-Jones as she takes on the role of Kya.

Rather than the Irish lilt she adopts in Normal People or her actual British accent, the new film sees the actor portray a young American girl who is left to fend for herself in her home on the edge of the marshes of the Deep South.

Based on the book of the same name, Where The Crawdads Sing was first released in cinemas earlier this year before arriving on Netflix in the US. UK viewers can rent or buy the movie on Amazon Prime, YouTube and other video services.

Edgar-Jones' character Kya finds herself the suspect in a murder investigation after one of the town's much-loved residents turned up dead, but throughout everything she only really has herself - and the marsh around her - to rely on.

Daisy Edgar-Jones plays Kya in the drama.
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Tate Walker, Chase Andrews and Sterling Macer Jr. are among those who also star in the film, which numerous viewers have dubbed '10/10'.

Following its arrival on Netflix, one person wrote: "Where The Crawdads Sing is a must watch on Netflix!! It had me crying it was 10/10. Y’all go watch it."

Another commented: "I watched Where The Crawdads Sing & sobbed about 50 percent of the movie. It was soo good, 10/10 recommended but you will do some crying."

Edgar-Jones has described the film as being one about acceptance, telling The Independent: "Kya is a real outcast, and people are fearful of her and don’t understand her, so they create this rumour about her that’s larger than she is.

Fans have been left in tears after watching the film.

"The film does a really good job of showing how important it is to be kind. But also [showing] her resilience, and how she picks herself up despite every knock-back. She ultimately survives and thrives in a hostile environment.”

The actor has an interest in playing 'characters who are really meaty and funny and weird', and in the future she's discussed being a character actor, 'playing parts that are different from anything I’ve played before'.

"I want to dye my hair wild colours, and work with filmmakers I admire," she said.

Until then, however, grab the tissues, turn on the TV and prepare to get lost with Kya in the marshes in Where The Crawdads Sing.

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