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When Missing Turns To Murder: Chilling True Crime Story Of Girl Who Went Missing From A Bus Stop

When Missing Turns To Murder: Chilling True Crime Story Of Girl Who Went Missing From A Bus Stop

Danielle Jones was only 15-years-old when she vanished from a bus stop in 2001.

A true crime series on Netflix recounts the chilling disappearance and murder of schoolgirl Danielle Jones.

Danielle's tragic case is one of 10 that is explored in the series When Missing Turns to Murder, which originally aired in 2019, and is now gaining popularity on the streaming site.

The series explores murder cases in which the victim was initially reported as a missing person.

Fifteen-year-old Danielle, from Essex, was last seen alive on 18th June 2001 while walking to a bus stop on her journey to school.

Danielle went missing on her journey to school (

That same day Danielle's mum Linda received a phone call from her school, St Clere's School in Essex, asking why she hadn't been in school that day.

Linda said she felt 'horrified' after the phone call because it was out of character for the teen to miss school.

Later that afternoon, Linda's mum phoned her school friends who had not heard from her that day and she began to 'panic.'

An investigation was launched when Linda contacted the police and explained she had last seen her daughter leaving that morning to get the bus to school.

During the investigation launched by Essex Police, Danielle's mum and dad, Tony Jones, made public appeals for the whereabouts of their daughter.

Danielle's mum Linda is interviewed in the series. (

Suspicion soon fell on Danielle's uncle, Stuart Campbell, and he was arrested on 23rd June 2001.

The 43-year-old was questioned and his home was searched, but no trace of Danielle was found.

Investigators initially thought Danielle was still alive and being held against her will, but she was never found.

On 17th August 2001 police re-arrested Campbell on suspicion of murder, with new evidence linking her to the teen's disappearance.

He was sentenced to life imprisonment with the possibility of parole after 20 years and a 10-year concurrent sentence for abduction on 19th December 2002 for Danielle's murder, despite her body never being recovered.

Stuart Campbell was convicted and sentenced to life imprisonment (

In May 2019 Linda spoke with the BBC about her daughter's body never being recovered despite pleading with Stuart to reveal it's location.

"That's the one thing that still disturbs me quite a bit, not knowing where she is. I may never know where my daughter is."

All 10 episodes of When Missing Turns To Murder are available on Netflix now

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