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Top Boy Fans Spot Clue Sully And Lizzie Are 'Hooking Up'

Top Boy Fans Spot Clue Sully And Lizzie Are 'Hooking Up'

We're keeping an eye on them.

The first full length trailer for the new season of Top Boy dropped on Tuesday night and fans are already posting their juicy theories online.

The new season isn't set to drop on Netflix until later this month, but that hasn't stopped internet forums from picking apart every detail in the two minute clip to guess some of the big revelations in the new batch of episodes.

One theory which is quickly picking up momentum online suggests Sully (Kano) and Lizzie (Lisa Dawn) are hooking up because a very short glimpse at what appears to be the pair moments away from smooching.

Watch the trailer below:

After the trailer was shared on Reddit, one fan responded with: "Sully hooking up with the connect. Says something".

Someone else wrote: "Have a feeling that person lizzie is talking to is sully lol".

However not everyone was convinced, mostly due to Sully and Dushane currently being on good terms. "No chance sully would never do that to Dushane he a real one," said another Top Boy fan.

While a fan on Twitter quipped: "Sully kissing…can we not".

Are Lizzie and Sully hooking up? (

Drug lord Lizzie is affiliated with Dushane (Ashley Walters) and married Jeffrey (Shaun Dingwall). Dushane is Lizzie’s sole distributor after the downfall of Jamie, her former lover who she also supplied.

The trailer has elicited a huge response online. Another theory we can't stop thinking about is Ats' death.

Many have been left heartbroken after discovering that he died after analysing the new trailer by noticing what appears to be a memorial for the beloved character.

Kano returns as Sully in the new season (

Ats (Kieyon Cook) - a kid from the Summerhouse Estate who wound up being used as a pawn in the drug war between Dushane and Jamie - was a favourite among Top Boy fans.

Fans will have to wait and see how Ats' character is mentioned in the new series. What we do know is that returning cast members include Ashley Walters, Kano, Michael Ward, Little Simz, Jasmine Jobson, Hope Ikpoku Jr., Jolade Obasola, Kadeem Ramsay, Saffron Hocking, and Araloyin Oshunremi - as well as some new faces, too.

Top Boy returns 18th March 2022.

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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