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Titanic re-release poster leaves Kate Winslet fans baffled

Titanic re-release poster leaves Kate Winslet fans baffled

It's impossible to un-see once you notice it.

Titanic is one of cinema's most iconic movies, but its re-release poster for February 2023 has left Kate Winslet fans truly baffled.

The hit 1997 disaster film, which is based on the real-life 1912 sinking, follows the story of Rose (Kate Winslet) and Jack (Leonardo DiCaprio) who meet and fall in love aboard the doomed liner.

The pair naturally featured on the poster for the original film, but eagle-eyed fans have noticed something strange in the poster for the re-release, which is set to hit cinemas on 10 February.

As any fan of the original will attest, as a famously first class girl, Winslet, now 47, had some pretty impressive hairstyles throughout the film, where she was perfectly groomed until the disaster itself.

However, in the posted for the remastered 25th anniversary edition, she appears to have two completely different hairstyles.

While one half of her hair features in the curled style we remember from the film, another half features a straight, more modern style that looks completely out of place.

This went far from unnoticed by Titanic fans, who took to social media to question what had happened to the poster.

Kate Winslet appears to have two hair styles in the Titanic re-release poster.

It prompted quite the debate when it was posted to Twitter by entertainment writer Hunter Harris - so much so that it actually went viral after it was tweeted yesterday (10 January).

Harris echoed the opinion of a lot of viewers, writing: "Why does she have two different hairstyles[?]"

This prompted one viewer to remark: "It looks like it's two photos in one. Like Kate's photo is actually on top of another photo. Which is another photo of Leo actually hugging a girl."

A second couldn't help but reference Legally Blonde, adding: "A perm? on the titanic? isn't the first cardinal rule of perm maintenance that you're forbidden to wet your hair for at least 24 hours after getting a perm [sic]."

"She was getting a perm then the iceberg hit?" questioned a third while a fourth joked: "Because it represents the duality of her having to portray her societal role and the life she wishes to have, free, with Jack."

Meanwhile, a fifth suggested that the original poster also featured two hairstyles - it was just a lot more subtle.

A sixth viewer, however, questioned why there was no boat on the poster for the re-release.

The film is hitting cinemas once again to celebrate the iconic film's 25th anniversary, and it will be played in better in quality than ever before - having been digitally remastered using high dynamic range (HDR) and high-frame rate scenes.

Titanic will also be be shown in 3D with 4K definition, which will undoubtedly make the ship's tragic journey all the more thrilling for moviegoers.

Featured Image Credit: Paramount

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