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This Morning viewers left outraged over 'real life Barbie' who dyes dog pink

This Morning viewers left outraged over 'real life Barbie' who dyes dog pink

The woman's pampered pooch sparked concern from viewers

The world might be going mad for Barbie right now, but it’s not always best to live in a Barbie world.

In fact, one particularly pink-obsessed woman has come under fire after revealing that she dyes her dog pink on This Morning.

The sickly-sweet shade has outraged some viewers, who’ve questioned the pampered pooch's welfare after watching the segment.

Kitten Kay Sera has been a 'real life Barbie' for over 40 years.

Appearing on today’s episode of This Morning (June 30), self-confessed ‘pinkest-person in the world’ Kitten Kay Sera explained how her obsession started over 40 years ago.

The real-life Barbie told viewers that before 1980 she was ‘just bland’ before discovering her signature shade.

As if you needed any more convincing, she sat in her Hollywood home surrounded by her neon pink sign, hot pink wallpaper and pastel pink dog.

When asked whether anything in her house wasn’t pink, she then held up the poor pooch and proudly said: “Not one single thing, I pinky promise!”

She then confessed that her beloved dog, Pinkaboo (see what she did there), was dyed using beet juice - which host Dermot O’Leary labelled ‘reassuring’.

However, not everyone has been impressed with the eco-friendly dye job, with many viewers taking their concerns to Twitter.

Not everyone was tinkled pink by the on-air admission.

Some even questioned the pastel-coloured pet's welfare, recommending that the RSPCA should be involved.

“Dog needs to be taking off her and RSPCA called #thismorning,” wrote one vexed viewer.

Another added: “Isn’t this a case for the RSPCA? She’s dyed her dog pink! #ThisMorning.”

Others were more concerned about Pinkaboo’s emotional and mental health, with one person joking: “That poor dog being dyed pink. I bet it’s so embarrassed when it goes for a s**t in the park #ThisMorning."

While it’s not actually illegal to dye your dog, it's not recommended as the RSPCA says that such grooming can be stressful for pets.

“Dogs are far from objects or toys. They have their own emotions, preferences and needs. Each is an individual with their own personality,” its website states.

The charity added: “It's important to consider things from their perspective. If we're honest, how many dogs would choose to, or want to, stand for long periods of time to achieve a look whose primary purpose is to benefit us rather than them?”

In fact, one woman from Swindon had her cat confiscated back in 2010, after using food colouring to dye the animal pastel pink.

Though the cat was later returned, as it was in ‘good health’, it seems not everyone is tickled pink by this trend.

Featured Image Credit: ITV

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