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This Morning Viewers In Tears At Show's 'Kind' Gesture For Competition Winner Battling Cancer

This Morning Viewers In Tears At Show's 'Kind' Gesture For Competition Winner Battling Cancer

Pass the tissues, it’s a weepy one.

As much as we love This Morning for having us in fits of laughter every weekday morning, Friday’s edition of the show had us reaching for the tissues.

The most recent helping of the ITV magazine show saw Josie Gibson award the £1000 Dosh On Your Doorstep cash prize to Beth, who had recently been diagnosed with leukaemia.

You can watch the video below.


The chemotherapy being applied to battle Beth’s cancer has led to her feeling especially cold after the last few months as the winter chill starts to set in.

To make matters worse, the mum added that her boiler had been broken for a while, and that she was going to use her winnings to pay for new heating. 

British Gas saved the day (

But as a kind gesture, Josie revealed that the team at This Morning had heard her story, and wanted her help out.

“We want you to enjoy yourself with that money,” Josie said. “We’ve got British Gas here, and they’re coming to fix your boiler free of charge.”

After Beth burst into tears as she was so moved by the gesture, viewers at home felt similarly emotional.

Taking to Twitter, one viewer wrote: “Just tuned in to see this, actually made me quite emotional.

The scenes made viewers well up (

“I was thinking what a shame if she has to spend her winnings on fixing her heating, lovely thing to do for her!”

Another agreed, adding: “That was such a lovely gesture! Wasn’t it nice to see how much it meant to the lady and her daughters! Definitely brought a tear to my eye.”

Others were happy Beth could keep warm (

While a third said: “God bless you all, what a lovely thing to do, brought a tear to my eye.”

“Had happy tears a rolling for her!” said a fourth. “Well done This Morning/British Gas!”

We wish Beth all the best as she continues her treatment! 

This Morning airs weekdays from 10am on ITV.

Featured Image Credit: ITV

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