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This Morning: Holly Willoughby In Tears As Kate Garraway Discusses Finding Derek NTAs Nomination

This Morning: Holly Willoughby In Tears As Kate Garraway Discusses Finding Derek NTAs Nomination

It was an emotional moment for all.

It was an emotional edition of This Morning today, seeing Holly Willoughby tearing up as she talked to her ITV co-star and friend, Kate Garraway.

Watch the clip below:

Kate had been invited onto the magazine show to discuss being nominated for a National Television Award thanks to her documentary, Finding Derek.

As Holly’s co-host, Philip Schofield, called Kate a “remarkable woman”, theThis Morning favourite started to tear up, using her sleeve to wipe her eyes,

After hearing Holly ha got emotional, Kate, who was appearing over video link, said: “Holly, are you crying? Please don’t cry!

“I don’t want to make everyone miserable!”

Kate's demeanour has been praised (

A tearful Holly responded: “No, but you’ve done so well. Well done.”

Touched by her words, Kate said: “You’re making me cry now!”

Kate has been universally praised for her strong demeanour and her rigorous care for her husband, Derek, after he was hospitalised with coronavirus in April last year.

While he was in a medically induced coma for several months, the former political lobbyist has since partially recovered, and is now back at home with Kate and their two children, Darcey and William.

Kate's documentary moved and impressed viewers (

"Derek's at home now, which makes a huge difference," Kate explained. "His progress is tough, if I'm honest. It feels like there's been no change, it feels painfully slow.

"There's still very little movement. He still can't really talk. He can't have a conversation. But we believe, and others believe, that he can understand everything, so that's fantastic."

Kate continued: "He sleeps a lot of the day. Around 20 out of 24 hours in a day, sometimes even when I'm talking - which I know a lot of people have done over the years.

Derek's body was hugely affected by Covid-19 (

"But I can see him concentrating and his eyes just close. Derek's reaction to Covid was so extreme as so many organs were affected, and his were affected in such a strong way.

"There's millions out there who have been affected, or have had their lives devastated."

Featured Image Credit: ITV

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