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The Teacher Fans Spot Major Clue Jack Is Setting Jenna Up

The Teacher Fans Spot Major Clue Jack Is Setting Jenna Up

Could Jenna be innocent after all?

We have been hooked on gripping new drama The Teacher, which sees young teacher Jenna Garvey accused of sleeping with an underage student.

While things aren’t looking good for Jenna, who’s played to perfection by Sheridan Smith, some fans are convinced that she’s actually being set up by a fellow teacher.

You can watch the clip below.

Yep, fans are not convinced that Jack, played by former Strictly Come Dancing champion Kelvin Fletcher is entirely innocent, and pointed towards his behaviour at the club and how he’s now treating Jenna, as clues he’s the real guilty party.

Taking to Twitter, viewers swapped their theories.

“I think Jack is directing Kyle because: They are in a relationship, Jack had access to Jenna's phone, and thus had the intimate picture of her. He also knew she was going to the club,” one person suggested.

Could Jack be hiding something (
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A second person said: “I am pretty sure this guy has something to do with this. She doesn’t have a clue how she got home, the empty Johnny wrapper, something tells me he has more to say…. Awesome drama though. Totally hooked.”

“Do you think the male teacher Jack is actually the one having sex with Kyle? And that he had met Jack at the club, saw that Jenna was there and panicked, so he tried to put the blame on her, to detract from himself? I feel like Jack is dodgy,” a third conspired, while a fourth agreed: “I'm calling Jack. I reckon he's related to Jenna. I reckon he blames Jenna for her mums death. He uses Kyle to set her up.”

“I think Jack is going to turn out to be the one behind all this, maybe he's the real offender, he's groomed Kyle,” said a fifth.

Fans share their theories (

Others pointed to the fact that Jack’s apology for not being in touch with the accused teacher further pointed towards his guilt.

“You've not been in touch Jack because you’re possibly guilty?” proposed one fan, while another said they believed he set up the messages on Jenna’s phone.

“Jack, You set up the Instant Messenger on Jenna's phone Are you having a relationship with Kyle Or is Kyle connected to you?”

We can’t wait to see exactly who’s responsible…

The Teacher continues tonight at 9pm on Channel 5.

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