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The Last of Us fans left in tears after brutal first episode

The Last of Us fans left in tears after brutal first episode

Viewers were in tears after HBO’s new series The Last of Us premiered in the UK


Viewers have been left in tears after tuning in to the ‘brutal’ first episode of HBO’s new series The Last of Us, which premiered in the UK this evening (Monday 16 January) after its release in the States yesterday.

Watch the trailer here:

Based on Naughty Dog’s video game of the same name, The Last of Us follows smugger Joel (Pedro Pascal) as he is tasked with transporting 14-year-old Ellie (Bella Ramsey) across a post-apocalyptic America, 20 years after modern civilisation was destroyed by a zombie infection.

Ahead of its release, critics hailed the show as one of the best game adaptations ever made, with the positive consensus landing it an incredible 99 percent score on Rotten Tomatoes.

Now viewers are finally able to get their fix, it seems they’re not disappointed – even if pretty floored after watching the devastating season premiere.

Nico Parker and Pedro Pascal in The Last Of Us.

The first instalment begins with a doctor in the 1960s appearing on a chat show to casually warn how he believes fungi could learn how to live inside humans and, in turn, end civilisation as we know it.

We then shoot forward to 2003 to Joel and his daughter Sarah (Nico Parker), who live a happily average life in suburban Texas – until doomsday arrives, that is.

After the old lady next door becomes infected (as evident from the horrifying sprouts emerging from her mouth), Joel and Sarah flee with Joel’s brother Tommy, only to find the situation is even worse outside of their neighbourhood.

A tense chase sequence ends with Sarah’s leg being injured in a car crash, before the trio encounter a soldier who is instructed to shoot them.

The first episode got us off to a devastating start.

As the soldier opens fire, Joel attempts to shield his daughter from the spray of bullets – but he is unsuccessful, and Sarah ultimately dies in his arms.

While fans of the game were prepared for the tragic death, many people watching the series were gutted.

“F**king sobbed during Sarah death scene,” one wrote.

Someone else said: “Watching the first episode of The Last of Us. Brutal, sad, bleak. But intriguing!”

A third added: “Wow the season premiere of The Last of Us was phenomenal. I thought seeing Sarah’s death the first time playing the game was sad af but this one was probably worse. Can’t wait till next week!”

Another said: "The Last of Us is perfectly casted so far but Nico Parker’s performance as Sarah was phenomenal. THAT scene broke me."

Featured Image Credit: HBO/Sky

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