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The Cabins: ITV Viewers Shocked After They Spot ‘Danny Dyer' On Date

The Cabins: ITV Viewers Shocked After They Spot ‘Danny Dyer' On Date

It’s uncanny tbf.

We’ve still got a long wait until the next season of Love Island, but thankfully, ITV2 has got our backs with season two of The Cabins to keep us occupied.

The hit series sees a number of singletons paired together and living in log cabins to see if love can blossom.

Last night’s helping saw us get acquainted with Jad and Denni, a bubbly pairing that seemed to be getting on like a house on fire.

The pair were getting on well (

While the pair were quick to form their own repartee, viewers at home thought the pair reminded them of a certain EastEnders star and all-round legend.

Taking to Twitter, one person wrote: “Jad is Danny Dyer!!! It’s uncanny.”

Jad reminded people of Danny Dyer (

A second agreed: “Jad has Danny Dyer vibes and seems like a geezer.”

Elsewhere, a third said: “Denni is like a mix between Dani Dyer and Lucinda from Love Island. Love her vibe.”

And another person was reminded of another Essex legend.

“When Denni was outside, the morning after doing her sudoku, reminded me a little bit of Gemma Collins, which is only as compliment and nothing else tbh.”

The second season of The Cabins has seen the format tweaked slightly.

Meanwhile, Denni was compared to the GC (

The show has introduced three spanking new cabins to explore in rural Wales (with equally suggestive names - Otter’s Pocket, Stag’s Mount and Beaver’s Burrow anyone?).

The Cabins this year are also closer together, giving couples the chance to gossip and debrief with their neighbours next door, as well as a whole heap of new private areas and dating zones that couples can explore.

Charlotte and Sarah are still together (

Last series of The Cabins saw some success at pairing people together. Charlotte and Sarah left their woodland hideaway together as an “exclusive Cabins couple”, and seem to still be going strong. As well as getting matching tattoos, the pair now live together in Manchester, and are even considering tying the knot.

Will this year be just as successful?

The Cabins continues weeknights at 9pm on ITV2.

Featured Image Credit: ITV

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