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The Cabins: Meet The New Season 2 Contestants

The Cabins: Meet The New Season 2 Contestants

We cannot wait for this.

We have a long, long wait until we get our next Love Island fix, but luckily, we have another dating show to keep us occupied.

Yep, The Cabins are back for a second season, launching at 9pm on Monday 3rd January.

And the show has had a bit of a makeover for its second season, with three brand, spanking new cabins to explore in rural Wales (with equally suggestive names - Otter’s Pocket, Stag’s Mount and Beaver’s Burrow anyone?).

The Cabins was a smash hit last year (

The Cabins this year are also closer together, giving couples the chance to gossip and debrief with their neighbours next door, as well as a whole heap of new private areas and dating zones that couples can explore.

Packed with first ever blind dates, awkward silences, cooking disasters, karaoke and heartfelt confessions, we cannot wait to meet our new contestants heading into The Cabins, and see if any new Cabins Couples crop up for 2022.

Our new cast of characters include:

Denni is looking for love (

Denni, 20: a make-up artist from Hertfordshire

Jessica is heading to Wales (

Jessica: 25: a cruise ship entertainer from London 

Richie is looking for The One (

Richie, 25: a nursing assistant from Burton-On-Trent


Could Cory be in a Cabins couple? (

Cory, 28: a kid’s activity centre manager from South London

George is excited to meet someone new (

George, 26: a hairdresser from Leicester 

Harry is on the lookout for love (

Harry, 23: a entrepreneur from Scotland 

Taryck is hoping to meet The One (

Taryck, 25: an estate agent from Devon

Jad is excited to head to Wales (

 Jad, 26: a car salesman from London 

Roxanne is looking to find a new beau (

Roxanne, 21: a recruitment agent from London 

Amy is ready for a change in scenery (

Amy, 18: a junior hairdresser from Scotland

Will Megan end up in a Cabin Couple? (

Megan, 19: a beautician from Surrey

Prince is looking for love (

Prince, 23: a salesman from Kettering


Will Amir be able to see the One? (

Amir, 26: an optometrist from Manchester

Chris could find his one in The Cabin (
Chris, 26: a media and marketing account manager from London

The Cabins welcomes its first set of twins (
Callum, 22: a university student from Scotland

Timmy could be tempting (
Timmy, 22: a university student from Scotland

We're getting excited already.... 

The Cabins starts Monday 3rd January at 9pm on ITV2 and ITV Hub

Featured Image Credit: ITV

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