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Stranger Things' Noah Schnapp admits he slid into Ekin-Su's DMs

Stranger Things' Noah Schnapp admits he slid into Ekin-Su's DMs

Love Island and Stranger Things fans are calling it the crossover they didn't know they needed

Love Island's Ekin-Su is one of the most talked about breakout stars of this summer, and she has a well-known admirer.

Namely, Stranger Things' star Noah Schnapp, who admitted that he sent a direct message to the reality TV star - and she replied. Watch below:

The American actor made the revelation in a recent live with his British Stranger Things co-star Millie Bobby Brown, who is clearly a fan of the show.

"I DM'd Ekin-Su and she answered," he said grinning.

Bobby Brown then proceeded to mimic Davide's famous speech where he called Ekin-Su a 'liar' and an 'actress' before Schnapp revealed what happened next.

The clip was later reposted to social media, where fans went wild for the Love Island-Stranger Things crossover that they didn't know they needed.

Alongside laughing emoji, one viewer wrote: "This is the most random crossover we didn't know we needed."

"This crossover is EVERYTHING," added a second, while a third wrote: "ekin international world star loved by everyone."

"I cxnt believe they know who she is this is mad [sic]," chimed a fourth.


Schnapp's admission comes as the Love Island stars returned to our screens for an explosive reunion show last night.

This saw Ekin-Su and Davide admit that they were glad the 'liar' and 'actress' incident happened because it became famous.

Davide's outburst became a viral sensation.

"Even the mistakes I made during my time in the villa brought me to the right path," Ekin-Su said before Davide added: "Yeah you could be honest though and say you're a liar."

"No, I'm glad I lied," she asserted.

"I'm glad too because apparently it became famous, my line ‘You are a liar!"

The winning couple also revealed that Davide has saved his girlfriend as 'Liar' on his phone and not 'Ekin-Su'.

The reunion also saw Luca address whether or not he had met Michael Owen yet after coming in second place with his daughter Gemma.

Host Laura Whitmore asked: "I know you've met her mum, have you met her dad yet?"

To which Luca responded: "Not yet, we've had a little FaceTime together and that's it."

She then asked what he thought of fan comparisons that he looks like a young Michael Owen, joking: "Was it like looking at yourself in the future?"

Gemma answered by saying 'Oh, God!', then added: "I can't see it at all, you know? And it actually makes me feel a little bit sick thinking about it as well."

Featured Image Credit: Twitter/Instagram/ekinsuofficial

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