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Landscapers: Olivia Colman's New True Crime Drama Arrives On Sky And Now TV

Landscapers: Olivia Colman's New True Crime Drama Arrives On Sky And Now TV

The Sky original drama will be available to viewers from December 7th.

Olivia Colman's new true crime drama Landscapers will be available to watch from Tuesday 7th December - perfect grisly viewing for the festive period!

The chilling true story of married-couple-turned-murderers Susan and Christopher Edwards will be told in a four-part drama released to Sky Atlantic and available on NOW TV.

Written by Colman's husband Ed Sinclair, the show is set to unveil a new side to the murders that were notoriously covered in the media. The murders took place in 1998, but it wasn't until 2014 when the pair were found guilty for their crimes.

Oscar winning actress Olivia Colman will star as Susan Edwards alongside actor David Threwlis as her husband Christopher Edwards.

Olivia Colman and David Thewlis attending the UK premiere of Landscapers (

The married pair killed Susan's parents Patricia and William Wycherley before burying them in a shallow grave in their own back garden. The pair even managed to get away with their crime for 15 years by forging letters and documents to make it seem as though the Wycherleys were still alive.

As if that crime wasn't bad enough, Susan and her husband then went on to steal their money to spend on a lavish lifestyle including celebrity autographs and Hollywood memorabilia. Initially the pair stole £40,000 from their victims' accounts, before going on to steal a total sum of £286,285. Despite stealing the extra funds, the murdering pair still ended up owing £160,000 to creditors at the time of their arrest in 2013.

Olivia Colman plays Susan Edwards. (
Stefania Rosini/ Sky UK/ HBO/ Sister)

Viewers will not only witness the crime and the web of lies that unfolds but also see how the pair were caught. Initially, the pair were able to cover up the twin murders by writing letters and sending cards from the victims in an elaborate plan to cover up their crime. They sent a letter in 2005 from Patricia declining a medical appointment at a chest clinic said she was "feeling better" and was staying with relatives.

And in a 2011 Susan wrote in a Christmas card sent to relatives saying it was good to see her parents "with such zest".

However, their lies all came to an end when the pair ran out of money and sought to borrow more from Christopher's step-mother. This aroused suspicion and before long the bodies were discovered, leading to an open murder investigation that would point towards Susan and her husband.

Before the pair could be arrested for their crime, they escaped to France as their lies began to unravel and the truth was revealed. They eventually handed themselves in and were found guilty at trial in 2014. Both were given life for their parts in their cold-blooded murders and the deceit that followed.

Landscapers premieres on Sky Atlantic and NOW on Tuesday 7 December.

Featured Image Credit: Picture credit: Stefania Rosini/ Sky UK/ HBO/ Sister

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