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Sex/Life Has Been Renewed For Season 2

Sex/Life Has Been Renewed For Season 2

...And fans are very happy about it.

Earlier this year, Netflix viewers tuning into Sex/Life all pondered the same question - team Brad, or team Cooper?

While we're still deciding, we're very happy to report that Sex/Life has been renewed for a second season, after the first instalment reached a whopping 67 million households.

You can watch the teaser below:

If you're yet to watch the first season (we recommend you do so immediately), here's a recap...

Inspired by BB Easton's memoir 44 Chapters About 4 Men, Sex/Life follows mum-of-two Billie (Sarah Shahi) who - despite being happily married to Cooper (Mike Vigel) - begins to long for her former lover Brad Simon (Adam Demos).

The series follows Billie as she reflects on her time with Brad, noting down some of her wildest (and raunchiest) memories in her diary.

Cooper eventually reads her diary and decides to use her fantasies as inspiration for their time in the bedroom - but it's not the same, and Billie still cannot get Brad out of her head.

To make things more complicated, Brad also re-enters Billie's life after they run into each other in New York.

Billie begins to long for her ex boyfriend Brad (

Despite trying her best to make things work with Cooper, and stay loyal to their marriage, the end of Season 1 sees Billie leave her home in the suburbs, jump on a train to the city and show up at Brad's apartment.

"I'm not leaving my husband. This changes nothing," Billie tells Brad, before the credits roll.

After that cliffhanger, fans were expecting a Season 2, but what will be in store?

The next season is expected to air next year (

Well, it's expected the show will pick up where it left off, but many are wondering how Cooper will feel about Billie turning up at Brad's door. Will he accept an open marriage? And what about his growing relationship with his boss Francesca - could that develop into something more?

We can't wait to find out! Although Netflix hasn't yet announced a release date, it's expected to drop some time next year.

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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