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And Just Like That... SATC Fans Have Spotted A Hidden Clue About Miranda And Steve From Series 6

And Just Like That... SATC Fans Have Spotted A Hidden Clue About Miranda And Steve From Series 6

It all adds up!

Warning: Spoilers ahead

Sex And The City fans believe they've spotted evidence that Miranda's marriage to Steve was always doomed to fail.

Viewers are still mildly traumatised after watching Miranda and Steve try to reignite their spark - with disastrously cringey results - in the HBO reboot, And Just Like That.

Now, some are convinced that the couple's honeymoon back in season 6 was a "spoiler" for what lay ahead.

We can't help but wonder... were Miranda and Steve never meant to be?

SATC fans are just realising that Steve and Miranda were never a good match. (

Thinking back on Miranda and Steve's honeymoon back in season six of Sex And the City, one fan recalled that there wasn't much chemistry between the pair.

Keeping Carrie up to speed from her romantic getaway, Miranda confesses that she's had enough of all the honeymoon sex and wants to come home.

She tells Carrie: "Last night, Steve and I held hands for an hour and a half watching the fire. He was looking into my eyes, I was looking for the remote."

She later adds: "I should be able to do this, Carrie. This is supposed to be the most romantic time of my life."

It was doomed from the start!

Miranda wanted out of her honeymoon ASAP. (

Remembering the underwhelming trip, the fan wrote on Reddit: "It occurred to me while watching *that* scene in Ep8 that Miranda and Steve's honeymoon was a mini spoiler for their entire marriage. The writing was on the wall."

Another And Just Like That... fan agreed, commenting: "I was thinking this while watching the scene. I love Steve but I don't think he was ever compatible with her. I personally think she should be single."

A third said: "Yes, THIS! I just did a full rewatch these past weeks and having in mind Miranda’s current storyline, I was shocked at how many red flags there were around everything she had with Steve. Even their very first episode has her treating him like absolute crap in front of the girls."

However, others were shocked that SATC fans didn't realise sooner, insisting it was obvious from the start that Miranda and Steve would never work.

Steve and Miranda's sex life dwindled big time. But was it ever that great? (

One commented: "For those that think the writers changed Miranda, they didn’t. This is Miranda. I know it’s tough because it’s not the happy ever after fairytale. But this all makes sense for Miranda to want to divorce Steve."

Another pointed out: "Everyone acting like this is such an out of character arc I’m like… I don’t know how they have made it 15 more years. They haven’t been happy in forever."

While Miranda gets ready to take things seriously with Che Diaz, we have our fingers crossed that Steve will find someone who appreciates him!

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