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Selling Sunset's Jason Responds To Claims He And Chrishell Secretly Dated During Season 4

Selling Sunset's Jason Responds To Claims He And Chrishell Secretly Dated During Season 4

The property mogul reveals why the pair hid their romance

As the new season of Netflix's Selling Sunset aired last week, one thing was missing - the romance between Jason Oppenheim and realtor Chrishell Stause.

The loved up pair went official in July but so far have kept their romance off the programme, and viewers wanted to know why.

In a recent interview, Jason revealed the real reason the pair kept their blossoming relationship under wraps.

Speaking in an interview with US Weekly, Jason said it was Chrishell's decision to stay private. He shared: "I think when [a relationship is] public, it puts a lot of added pressures and publicity and opinion.

"I think it’s nice to kind of start a relationship in the way that normal relationships kind of grow and progress. And that’s just between two people."

He also added that whilst the pair told some close family and friends, they kept quiet around colleagues in the office. He revealed: 'We told some close friends, but if you want to keep something private, you have to generally not tell too many people. It’s hard to keep a secret amongst a lot of people."

Selling Sunset has given the first look at season 5 (

The pair were met with a warm reaction from their loved ones - although the trailer for season five hints at mixed feelings amongst the office.

Jason said: "Everyone was super supportive, I mean, as we knew they would be. We share such close mutual friends, which is also great in many ways as well. Cause when we’re hanging out with our friends, we’re both hanging out with our friends."

Fans of the show who have already raced through the series were disappointed not to see any signs of a relationship between the pair.

Jason and Chrishell told some close family and friends about their relationship (

However, some Selling Sunset fans were quick to spot hints within the final episode and party scenes.

The pair announced their relationship via a very public Instagram post in July, just after season four had finished filming - meaning the pair were very much together throughout the series.

Eagle-eyed viewers might have spotted clues though. One of the biggest hints was in the finale when Heather quizzed Chrishell over if she was dating. Coy looking Chrishell hesitated before giving a clue: "I feel like I'm just at the place where anything can happen, and sometimes it can come from an unexpected place."

Selling Sunset Season 4 is available to watch on Netflix.

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