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Selling Sunset Fans Baffled By Jason's Nickname For Mary

Selling Sunset Fans Baffled By Jason's Nickname For Mary

Yes, you did hear that correctly.

Selling Sunset fans were left feeling confused after hearing Jason Oppenheim's nickname for fellow Oppenheim Group realtor and office manager Mary Fitzgerald.

Watch the video below:

Fans will recall that Jason and Mary once dated before the start of the Netflix series.

Jason and Mary's dynamic as well as how Mary's then fiancé Romain Bonnet felt about it, played out during the first season in 2019.

The former couple even "share custody" of their dogs Niko and Zelda and they hosted a joint birthday party for them last season.

Chelsea was shocked after hearing the nickname. (

Now, fans have been left scratching their heads after watching the sixth episode of season five, titled "Step Up or Step Out".

New cast member Chelsea Lazkani has her eyes set on joining the Oppenheim Group and she and her husband Jeff Lazkani meet with Jason and Mary for dinner.

Mary, Jason and Romain at their dog's birthday party. (

Mary is the last person to arrive and as she greets her boss with a friendly hug, Jason says: "How are you, babe?"

Once Mary is seated and the topic of conversation switches to food, he continues: "Babe. You're gonna like... Well. I shouldn't be calling you 'babe'."

So awkward!


At the time the episode was filmed, Jason was in a relationship with Oppenheim Group realtor Chrishell Stause. Viewers have found it odd that despite both parties being in relationships and their own relationship having ended years ago, Jason would give Mary such an adorable nickname.

"Well, Mary needs to be with Jason again.. He's calling her babe & they talking about spicy... Am I missing something?" said one Selling Sunset fan.

Another Twitter user said: "I know you f***ing lying! Jason literally called Mary 'babe' what the actual f**k Lmaoooooo."


While someone else on Twitter quipped: "I wonder what season of #SellingSunset Jason and Mary are going to get married? #babe".

One person shared their theory on Twitter, writing: "Did Jason slip up and call Mary babe? Lawd".

One fan is convinced Chelsea noticed Jason's nickname for Mary. They wrote: "The way Chelsea clocked Jason calling Mary babe so quick and gave them that little look! I am crying from laughter! #SellingSunset".


Another confused Twitter user wrote: "Mary and Jason lived together, still 'co-parent' dogs together and still call each other “babe” only to finally reveal that they only dated for a year… six years ago. The math IS NOT mathing."

Despite being exes, Jason and Mary have always had a respectful and affectionate relationship - and we love to see it.

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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