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Sam Fender Says He'd Have To Be Paid £500,000 To Go On Love Island

Sam Fender Says He'd Have To Be Paid £500,000 To Go On Love Island

Sam Fender said he'd only consider the reality show if he was handsomely compensated.

Sam Fender might be just the right age to appear on Love Island, but he said he’d need a hefty payday to even consider it.

The singer, 28, who recently rocked the Pyramid stage at Glastonbury, made the revelations in an interview with Absolute Radio. Watch below: 

“People are like ah, Love Island. I’m like how much do you get. £50K? I was like you’re gonna have to pay us hell of a lot more than £50K to go on that. 

“You’d have to be paying me ten times that before I’d even think about it man.”

But while Fender might not be keen to rock the villa as well as Glasto, fans of the singer went wild at the thought of him on Love Island

One wrote: “What I would do to see this [sic]”

“I’d love to see him on love island [sic],” added a second fan while a third remarked: “imagine him on love Island... the accent omg [sic].” 

Meanwhile, other fans couldn’t help but notice that Fender was once again pointing out the obvious - that he is a Geordie.

One wrote: “is he a Geordie, never mentions it [sic].”

Sam Fender has revealed it was take a lot of money for him to go on Love Island.

It’s no secret that the Love Island contestants are subject to a lot of scrutiny, and this is something Fender has experienced as a musician.

Earlier this year, he opened up about how he deals with negativity online to LADbible

“I used to get really upset at the bad stuff,” he said. “I’d take it very personally. But then I decided to put my phone down. They're not in my house. They’re not in the room with me. So why should I care?”

“I used to react,” he says. “But the only time I get drawn into it now if someone says something that’s fraudulently incorrect about me. But even then, I shouldn’t really engage.”

Sam Fender rocked the Pyramid stage at Glastonbury this year.

It's worth noting that the Love Island contestants aren't actually paid £50,000 just to appear - it's the prize sum for the winning couple and they have to decide if they want to split or steal the money.

However, no contestant has ever stolen the money in the time the British incarnation of Love Island has been running.

Could this be the year we finally see a steal?

Fender himself isn't public about his love life, however, he did tell GQ that a six-month relationship as a teen broke his heart and inspired him to form his first band.

Featured Image Credit: Absolute Radio

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