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Rochelle Humes 'close to tears' as son told to 'shut up' on flight

Rochelle Humes 'close to tears' as son told to 'shut up' on flight

Rochelle shared the shocking comment said to her by a passenger during a This Morning segment about crying children on flights.

Rochelle Humes has revealed the time she was ‘close to bursting into tears’ during a flight after a fellow passenger made a comment about her infant son. Watch the video below:

The former Saturdays singer co-presented Wednesday’s (31 August) edition of This Morning alongside Vernon Kay where the pair discussed the topic of adult-only flights.

After a woman shared a TikTok complaining about a crying child on her flight, the hosts shared their own takes on the matter.

The mum-of-three, who shares daughters Alaia-Mai, nine, and Valentina, five, and 22-month-old son Blake with husband Marvin Humes, shared her perspective of having a crying child on a flight.

Rochelle, 33, did not reveal exactly when the incident happened however she claimed she was on a flight when her son started to cry while he was teething.

Rochelle with Alaia, Valentina and Blake.

Although her two daughters are good fliers, her young son Blake is ‘not so’ good on planes.

A passenger asked her if she was going ‘shut up’ her son as she struggled to calm him, which left her feeling emotional during the flight.

Admitting that she was once someone who judged parents who struggled to keep their children quiet during flights, Rochelle explained: “Before I had children I was kind of I suppose in that camp.

"However, it didn't really bother me, I'd have my headphones in, I'd watch a film, I'd get my head down. If I heard it, it's someone else's problem right?

"But since having a little one, my two girls are very good fliers but my son not so much. I had a flight where a guy sort of said something to me like, 'aren't you going to shut him up?’

"I was that close to bursting into tears because I feel for the parents."

The incident clearly still had an effect on Rochelle, who became emotional as she recalled choking up when she told the passenger at the time she was ‘really trying’ to calm her son down.

"There is nothing worse… I didn't even know my child, he was teething and I was like, 'I don't even know how to settle him myself',” she added.

Earlier this week, Florida woman Morgan Lee went viral on TikTok called on airlines to offer child-free flights after sitting through a three-hour flight with a crying child.

"Why isn’t there such a thing as adult only flights? I would pay so much money [for that]," she said in the video, which has now been viewed more than 790,000 times.

Morgan received backlash for her comments about the child, with one parent commenting: "And this is why people/parents/mums have anxiety when leaving the house. Because no grace is given."

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/rochellehumes

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